The Kingdom of Heaven

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When we think about it, it kind of makes sense, Because the bible said God loves us, and we think he cannot send us to Hell. He will always forgive us, just like any parent would forgive their child when they do wrong, no parent would ever have their child killed or tortured just because they did wrong. What we fail to understand is that the kingdom of heaven is only for those who are spiritually reborn (John 3:3), but we all choose to believe what we want to believe, or what we would like to hear Scripture tells us that the kingdom of heaven is only open for those who do God’s will.

Doing God’s will and being part Of his kingdom is our personal choice. We are all responsible of our decision about Christ. We have to trust and believe in Jesus the only son God, in order for us to get to heaven because he is our only way. Our view of the king is vitally important. In this case our personal involvement is very essential, God is not forcing anybody to be part of his kingdom. God gave everyone a chance to enter his kingdom but only a few choose to be part of it.

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Jesus said to his disciples “Anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple”. Responsibility and determination is a good integration of leadership qualities that we all ought to have in order to be part of God’s king doom The devil always makes us think of heaven as this boring place to be. He make s us think that following God and living a Christian life is a sad, boring and poor way to live, but what we should always keep in mind is that the kingdom of heaven heals the pain of our life.

In eke 15:1132 Jesus tells a story of the prodigal son. This story is good illustrate on of how God’s arms are always wide open to welcome us back home and heal our pain heal us from all the struggle and hardships we’ve been through in our sinful life. Just think about it. Who wouldn’t want to be in a place where there is eternal peace and comfort? We’ll all be princes and princesses. Who would want to miss that ? Things of this world will all come to an end, but the kingdom of heaven is eternal Being part of the kingdom will cost you everything you have. Hind of it like this thing that you can’t live without. We should all view the kingdom of heaven as a precious jewelry that is worth everything that you own. The parable of the hidden treasure (Matthew 14:44) is a good illustration of how the kingdom of heaven is very precious, and that’s how God wants us to view his kingdom. He waifs us to give up everything we have for his kingdom. Max Lucas said “God never said that the journey would be easy but he said that the arrival would be worthwhile.

It is not easy to follow God and his commands, but we should always remember that our rewards will be greater than anything that the world cool d ever offer us. Jesus also illustrates this concept in the parable of the pearl merchant who sold everything he owned to buy a pearl of great value ( Matthew 14 :45). This takes Courage and endurance for a person to give up their job, their family and friends and follow Jesus.

God is in control of timing everything, Even Jesus said to his disciples that God is the only one who knows the day and time of when he’ll come back, scripture says the second coming of Christ is like a thief at night. In Matthew 25:113 the parable of the ten virgins who were waiting for the bride and groom but five foolish bridesmaids were not ready for the arrival of the bride and groom so when the bride and groom got there the 5 foolish ones had gone to buy oil. When they got back the door was locked and the master told them to go away. His illustrates how God will come when we least expect him so we should stay awake and be prepared because we do not know the day or hour of his return As faithful Christians we are required to be responsible and faithful leaders and give our best, “leaders don’t begin by being the best but become he best by giving their best” David Stevens, Bert Jones. We should be good c harridans and give our best so that when Christ returns we will be prepared to go back with him in his kingdom.

People always ask me ” How are we all going fit in his kingdom? ” what we forgo et is that it is a growing kingdom. It’s not like any other normal earthly kingdom. It’s a godly; holy, righteous kingdom with a sovereign ruler. Just think about it for a second, imagine living in a place that grows. How awesome it would be! Who would want to miss that ? Jesus compared heaven to the mustard seed, which is the smallest seed that grows onto a very large tree (Matthew 13:31). Entering God’s kingdom is not easy for us.

Not everyone can enter in his kingdom. Jesus illustrates this in the story of the great feast, where the king invited many guests but they were not worthy Of the honor, so he sent his servants to go into the street and invite everyone they see. When all the guests were there, the king noticed that one was not wearing proper clothes for the wedding and they threw him out. This is an illustration of how the kingdom of God will be. If you are not ready and prepared for his kingdom there’s no way you will be welcomed into it.

Have you ever looked through the crowed in a wedding and spotted the party crashers who have no clue of what’s going on ? This is how it will be in his king doom. If we are the party crashers we will be spotted and thrown in hell. Jesus also illustrates this in the parable of the dragnet into the sea in Matthew 14:4750 which was about how fisher men drag up the net unto the shore and sort the good fish and throwing the bad ones away. This is how the angels will come and separate the wicked ones from the godly throwing the wicked into the fire.

A girl stood up in my discipleship group and asked, “If God loves us so much, why does e tempt us to fall back into our sins ? Then the pastor said, “Temptation doesn’t come from God it comes from Satan. ” Genesis 3:16 tells us of how temptation comes from Satan. The devil is the enemy of the kingdom, and wants to makes sure that there are less people going to heaven. Overtime we accept Jesus as our Savior and welcome him in our heart, Satan is always trying to find a way to make us fall back again. He kingdom of God is for the pure and the holy ones, and that is why no evil can get into the kingdom of God. Jesus illus. rates this with a parable of a man who sowed good seed, but while his en were sleeping his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away, Jesus then explains to us later on that the man who plants the good seed is Jesus the son of man and the enemy who planted the weeds among the wheat is the devil.

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