Henry VII’s Success in Establishing His Authority

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The idea of Henry having little control of his magnates is supported by the historian, Crimes, who states that he ‘analyses the institutions of government and found that they had changed very little between 1485 and 1509’. This shows that it was the mind-set of peace that created stability and not Henry as he did not do anything that had not been done by previous medieval monarchs with regard to controlling the nobility. One way in which Henry successfully controlled the nobility was through his multitude of financial constraints that he imposed on his nobility.

Feudal dues was one of Henrys most effective as we know that his increase In proceeds from warship and marriage, from IEEE In 1487 to 6,000 In 1507. This shows how he successfully asserted his authority as the nobility would pay their fines and these strict impositions perfectly asserted his authority. It also shows that he got better as dealing with the nobility as he reign proceeded. Another Incredibly effective manner In which Henry asserted his authority was through the Crown lands, through attainders and other royal prerogatives he would seize land himself. S. J.

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Gun (historian) ‘estimates of the amount of crown land was five times larger by the end Henrys reign than in Henry the fourths reign( Just 50 years earlier). He use parliament Is advantage by passing the ‘Act of Resumption’ this Parliamentary act recovered the Royal lands granted away since 1455 (before the war began) in taking land he made it quite clear to his nobility just who was in control as in one effortless movement he kook power from them and gain power his crown. This shows that he was successful at controlling the nobility as he had an unmatchable power over them.

On the contrary however it can be perceived that Henry was unable to successfully control his nobility as in the uprising of the pretenders none of the local nobility in Lancashire or Yorkshire made an effort to go against Simile and as a result Similes men marched freely through both counties and were prepared to kill the King at the Battle of Stoke. This shows that Henry the seventh didn’t assert his authority correctly s if he had the magnets in the north would’ve supported him either during or before the battle of Stoke.

One way Henry was successful In controlling the nobility was through his patronage. He was considered to be somewhat avaricious with his Glenn of land titles and money. However his method worked as he gave the nobility rewards after acts of loyal service not in hopes of, this ensured that only those he could trust the most the King. This shows how the effectively conveyed his dominance towards them by retaining all the power in the nation. The great Council was another way that King Henry the seventh successfully established his authority throughout his reign.

The great Council consisted of the most powerful nobles and, when the time called for the discussion of high matters of state, this was an incredible tool at the Kings disposal. Primarily because he could make quick controversial decisions (such as IEEE,OHO to fund a war with Scotland) and know no one could do anything about it (especially parliament- whom the king frequently bypassed) as all the most powerful people in the country were involved in he decision making.

This made him successful in asserting his authority over nobles as he could be seen to bypass parliament and effectively do whatever he wants with no repercussions as anyone who may oppose was involved in the decision and therefore can’t stand against Henry on that issue. Finally the king also used methods such as Acts of Attainders, bonds and recognizes- none of these were new but after Henry established the council learned in the law they were use with much greater effect for example 75% nobility had signed a bond.

The council learned in the laws effectiveness can be seen when you consider that in 1504 Henry issued 51 attendees where Edward issued Just 27 attendees from 1463 onwards. This shows how effectively Henry showed his authority as he uses King prerogatives and laws to demonstrate his power and authority over his nobility. In conclusion it is my opinion that whilst he didn’t truly revolutionist the handling of the nobility Henry the sevenths paranoia and obsessively meticulous nature created a society not seen in the last 50 years.

One with the king rules his subjects not the objects ruling him. The nonexistence of overweight subjects was due to henrys many financial barriers in place for his nobility as none amassed enough power or wealth individually to be a threat to him or his throne and ultimately lead to one of the most notable dynasties in all of history -the Tutors. Therefore I think it is fair to say that Henry very successfully imposed authority on his nobility through his spice (council learned in the law), disregard the Parliament and numerous kings prerogatives and laws in place. By Oliver Golden

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