Hilton: Organization Psychology

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Hilton: Organization Psychology


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            Staff motivation forms the best tool for ensuring maximum productivity of an organization.  Over the years, most organizations have embraced organization psychology as a direct tool for ensuring staff satisfaction and therefore enhanced morale to perform their duties.  Scholars argue that an organization success can only be defined by the direct effectiveness of the staff as it is responsible for quality enhancement, intrinsic articulation of the organizations policies and demands necessary to be reflected in the products and services being given to the consumers (Gerard & Kevin, 2008).  Such has been the case at the Hilton Singapore where the management has strongly embraced inclusive leadership and motivation for the staff and employees.

This essay evaluates organization psychology as a direct tool for enhancing performance in organizations. Using Hilton Singapore, the paper extrapolates the effectiveness of this model of leadership for efficiency in services delivery.  Using theoretical perspectives, the paper gives specific examples from Hilton Singapore necessary to link its performance to the applied methods. In conclusion, it outlines specific recommendations that can be applied indifferent organizations to enhance change and raise productivity from their operations.

Performance appraisal

            Effective organizations management is dependent on articulate guidance and careful mentorship of staff towards the predetermined goals and objectives.  However, appreciation is of great essence in the process as it forms the basement for improvement.  Hilton management therefore recognizes long term services by its staff via reducing costs for their various services in and outside the organization setting. 50% discount on foods and beverages for the staff who have offered services to the organization for over one year is allowed. Besides, all team members are allowed to patronize the hotel restaurants for the purpose of celebrating various family occasions like weddings and birthday parties. According to social psychology theories, Kurt Lewin argues that people’s behavior can be viewed as a direct association of their immediate environment and their inherent biological setup.  Therefore, their behavior and attitudes that culminates to their different levels of commitment can be altered to increase their output with ease.  By allowing special treatment for staff, Hilton consolidates their confidence and trust as an external holistic positive “pressure” that binds them to the organization.

Organization culture and work motivation

            Arguably, organizations are defined by their intrinsic consideration of the system which they operate.  Scholars point out that a positive image is an asset that cannot be quantified due to its preciousness (Gerard & Kevin, 2008).  Hilton has therefore embarked on a strong internal and external image articulations necessary to maintain its external outlook, satisfy the high demand for its services and ensure maximum profits are flowing from the system.  Rewarding the staff for their performance has become part of the essential consideration and a guarantee for their hard work. The company emphases on the need for team work to achieve its goals and reward the members of the same groups.  As a motivating tool, the company has linked with external traders and stores to offer better services to the staff.  Pest control products, Food, Health & Organic Food, and mobile phones from specified traders like Pestbusters Pte Ltd, Natues Farm and GNC-Live Well charge less to the Hilton team members (Hilton Singapore Ltd).  Besides, their attractive salaries and other related packages, this motivates the employees and creates a strong sense of identity in them. Refreshments and Kitchen & Cooking Utensils are charged 20% less the ordinary prices for the Hilton employees from selected traders. Taking into consideration that the extra cost is met by the company, the image of the company has greatly improved with employees being holistically committed to their work in the company.  During the year 2006 annual general meeting, great success was linked to employee commitment to their work.

Conclusion and recommendations

            Motivation in organizations forms the basis of ensuring higher returns.  It is the main tool necessary for ensuring commitment and building the correct culture of employee’s intrinsic participation in a company. Hilton company motivation in the company acted to solidify the employee’s commitment necessary for its current highly rated performance in the world.  Through linking with the external traders and other companies, the company intrinsic culture of the employee’s treatment has been the main cause of overflowing customers for its services. Beside, it has created the correct image and carved an induced identity where local and international people want to be associated with it.  Of greater importance is the desire for the employee to offer the best of their services to the company due to its great concern for them. Similarly, organizations should embrace organization psychology in their management to ensure increased performance and enhance their direct images at the organization and the external consideration.  However, organizations should ensure effective balance of their finances, management plans and their organizations capacity to avoid over straining.

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