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History of School Uniform

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    The purpose of going to school is to get a degree and become educated, it is not a fashion show. “The first recorded use of school uniforms is in England in 1222. Students at one school were required to wear a robe-like outfit called a “cappa clausa. However, it wasn’t until the 16th century that modern school uniforms made an appearance in recorded history” (Meleen). Uniforms should be required in early schools starting from kindergarten, to keep the schools look well organized. Not having school uniforms will make it harder for teachers to track students because they would have to give nemours detentions to those who do not follow the proper dress code. Uniforms limit what students have to wear but cannot limit them from learning. School uniforms are not negative to have, but the opposite because they save students from being fooled by others. Requiring school uniforms will help students concentrate on their school life.

    Schools become more organized when all students wear school uniforms and can change their acts as well as their mood. According to recent research, “Proponents of school uniforms contend that the policies make students safer, happier, and less easily distracted from their studies” (School uniforms). This shows that students will not try to look down on others and make them feel unwanted. It also shows that students who are getting bullied because of the way they dress up will more likely not get bullied anymore because now everyone is dressed the same. If there are no uniforms required, there will be a couple of students that do not care about how they dress up and wear pajamas to school. There will be peace between everyone in the school. There will be respect to the school because it has rules and they are being followed. All students will learn to be the same from first grade till high school. The organization is very important because it brings everyone together and makes us unified. Uniforms that are clean and well organized will make students love school and become something in the future that will represent them. Schools will look more formal when uniforms are required.

    Students will not worry about wearing fancy clothes to school to get attention. For instance, recent research stated that “school uniforms improve attendance, and discourage students from showing off their wealth and spending time and money pursuing fashion trends” (school uniforms). The time students spend on choosing what to wear, could be spent on reviewing for a test.. Rich students like to show off by wearing expensive brands and different clothes every single day while others cannot even pay their bills. Some people cannot afford money to buy different clothes to wear to school but if there are uniforms, students will not cause problems and force their parents to buy them what others have. When school uniforms are used there will not be a difference between rich or poor students. If school uniforms are not required, girls will turn into models and schools will be a fashion show. There are bad students that cannot control themselves, for that, they have to be forced for what to wear.

    School uniforms will make it easier for students and teacher because it will decrease the suspensions that are caused by not following the proper dress code. Some students have the potential to dress up not appropriately to school which can later lead to detensions. However, after school uniforms were being used, research stated that “The school board reported record highs in attendance rates and an approximately 33 percent decrease in suspensions” (school uniforms). This shows that wearing school uniforms can decrease the number of suspensions since they are appropriate for schools. Requiring school uniforms will also help teachers by saving time for teaching. Students will have a rough time graduating because of the detentions they get from teachers when they do not follow the dress code rules. Teachers will be happy when they see students concentrating in their class.

    Banning school uniforms will make students happy because there are some that like to be different than others. It allows students to express their personality and styles. Wearing the same style and color is also boring. Some students do not have time to wash their clothes every single day and some can not afford it since it can cost. Also, uniforms do not make students feel comfortable because some schools make girls wear skirts which can make girls not feel comfortable walking around with skirts on. Everyone has a different taste in styling their clothes. They need their own freedom and they do not like it when they are forced to do something. If so, they will end up doing something bad. If schools want students to feel free, they should ban school uniforms. Students like to show their own creativity.

    In conclusion, uniforms are an excellent idea and can help school students have an equal environment. School uniforms are a great way to teach students that there is no difference between anyone living among us. Uniforms help change a person’s attitude toward success. Requiring school uniforms stops the chances of bullying. School uniforms also eliminate the separation of social classes. Students will be successful because everything is chosen for them, all they have to do is study and become what they want to be.

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