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School Uniform Bring Equality and Maintain Discipline

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  • Pages 2
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    The school is the centre of learning and a temple of knowledge. This importance has resulted in making the school a better place. Many parents have expressed concerns about school uniforms. Standardised school clothing has become a heated national debate.
    A fixed dress code promotes good discipline, helps students perform academically better and reduce violence. Public schools should enforce a dress code.
    A uniform in school brings a sense of equality among students. It becomes very easy for people to recognise the student’s school when he/she is wearing his school uniform. Even if a child gets lost, people can bring him/her to his school.
    If students wear a proper uniform, then they maintain a proper discipline in school and, with proper discipline, they will be able to study well. When all the students wear the same kind of dress, their economic backgrounds are not revealed. Also, it will maintain a degree of unity among the students.
    Researchers recently proved that students having dress codes are able to concentrate more on their studies and sports. They don’t have peer pressure as to what they should wear to school everyday. Having a dress code helps students to focus solely on education, rather than on clothing and being brand-conscious at school.
    School uniforms greatly benefit both the students and the faculty by creating an atmosphere in which the students are able to get the most out of their education. So the school uniform bring equality, maintain discipline, helps in building unity and even helps in studies.

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