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Market Analysis Uniform Co Research Paper

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  • Pages 6
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    Market Analysis: Uniform Co. Essay, Research Paper

    Analysis of interrupting into the high school uniform concern


    Uniform Co. has operated in this territory for the past 10 old ages established itself merely within the blue-collar market. Uniform Co. ’ s unvarying bring forthing machines are runing at 50 per centum capacity and we have a excess of employees. To accomplish optimal net incomes the company must ether layoff portion of its staff or spread out its concern into other markets. Uniform Co. has a good repute of handling its employees good and should go on to make so by spread outing into the High school uniform Business.

    The market for the school uniform concern is turning at a record gait ( King 3 ) . Public schools are presenting uniforms into the school environment, and Parochial schools are spread outing ( Allen 2 ) . Yet these school pupils have to trust on acquiring the supplies from out of town retail merchants. Now is the greatest chance to open into the school unvarying market. Expansion into this market now is an particularly good thought due to the resent development of the ‘ National Goals Program ‘ in the U.S.A. ( pic 1 ) . Among the policies of the reform is the compulsory usage of school uniforms ( pic 1 ) . Young adults all have the desire and demand to suit in with the norm, and the norm today is to be stylish. Everyone likes to look great and vesture plays a big portion in accomplishing this end. What of those kids who come from households that lack the fiscal resources to maintain their kids in the latest expensive manners? Children from less fortunate households may envy other kids ’ s vesture, ensuing in dire effects as pointed out by Keith A. King “ kids have been violently injured or even murdered for their interior decorator apparels, gym shoes, or professional athletics squad gear ” . Knowing the dangers involved one should inquiry, why invite force upon 1s self for a sense of person else ’ s sense of manner or individuality? For the aforesaid happenings school uniforms are the lone reply.

    Uniform Co. ’ s Expansion Program

    Scope Of The Study

    This survey investigates the possible market for Uniform Co. to interrupt into the high school unvarying industry. The survey focuses on high school pupils parents attitudes toward a school uniform policy, educational institutes willingness to take part in a unvarying policy, how this new venture will consequence Uniform Co. ’ s public image, the manner and type of uniform that unvarying co. should bring forth to fulfill it ’ s relevant market and how unvarying carbon monoxide should implement a unvarying plan. The lone merchandising country that is considered in this study is the Toronto country as unvarying carbon monoxide is a little company that merely supplies its wares to concerns within this metropolis. Cost of stuffs to bring forth a new manner of uniform is non included as it is assumed that Uniform Co. would utilize it ’ s bing stock to bring forth the merchandise.

    Beginnings And Methods

    Current studies and surveies taken from the Internet were consulted for information on school unvarying policies and peoples perceptual experiences towards them. In add-on, a questionnaire study was sent out to occupants of the Toronto country. The questionnaire was directed to parents with kids within the Toronto high school system, pupils in the high school system, a retired high school instructor, and montage pupils ( Questionnaire is located in the appendix ) . In entire, a group of 11 people were surveyed. The 11 people that were surveyed cover all countries that Uniform Co. must see in marketing the new merchandise. The chart below shows the instructor, pupil, and parent, ratio that participated in the study.

    Chart One:

    Consequences Of Study

    The consequences of the study clearly show that uniforms have become an recognized and wanted trade good within Uniform Co. ’ s distribution country. The information from the study shows that over 80 % of the respondents feel that uniforms are necessary in the school system. Yet about 90 % of people surveyed don ’ t go to a school that endorses a frock codification. Over 60 % of respondents work at occupations where there is a unvarying policy.

    These three findings from the first set of inquiries gives an interesting message that sounds like this:

    ? The bulk of people are used to have oning uniforms.

    ? The bulk of people want their kids to have on uniforms and want school uniforms.

    ? They need a unvarying provider!

    The 4th inquiry of the study asks the replier to rate in order of importance the usage of uniforms in four different Fieldss, instruction, service industry, construc

    tion, and authorities places. Not surprisingly the study implied that over 70 % of replier felt the service industry was the most of import country. Since Uniform Co. already devotes 100 % of is clip bring forthing service industry uniforms the company it is clip to spread out into anther aspect of the industry. Of secondary importance were authorities places with over 40 % of replier bespeaking it was highly of import. Over 60 % felt that a uniform in the instruction system was of importance. The Chart below demonstrates the consequences of the findings:

    Chart 2:

    Six of the replier felt that they would direct their kids to a school with a unvarying policy, while 4 stated they would back a policy if it arose at a school and merely one would perfectly non set their kids into a school with a frock codification in consequence. This information clearly shows that High school uniforms are a well-thought-of add-on to any school. The bulk of the people surveyed replied that school uniforms can be reasonably expensive but they must be lasting. Uniform Co. ’ s merchandises are produced from quality stuffs, are lasting and they are competitively priced. All of the people surveyed live near schools that indorse a unvarying policy.

    Question # 9 on the study ask the replier to rate the undermentioned colors on the footing of how scholarly they are.

    ? Blue

    ? Green

    ? Gold

    ? Red

    The chart below shows the informations collected and shows us a form of what colours Uniform Co. would be wise to plan into their line of school uniforms.

    The research shows that the coloring material viridity and gold would be popular colorss for Uniform Co. to integrate into a line of school uniforms.


    Based on the findings Uniform Co. high school unvarying study the undermentioned decisions are drawn:

    ? A bulk of people surveyed in the country of Uniform Co. ’ s production works feel High School uniforms are a positive thing.

    ? The coloring material and manner of the uniforms desired can be produced by Uniform Co. ’ s production works.

    ? Peoples surveyed are willing to pay a monetary value for the school uniforms that could bring forth a net income for Uniform Co..

    ? An addition of net income could salvage occupations at Uniform Co.

    ? Increased net income with the assistance of Uniform Co. ’ s adept gross revenues section the company could spread out its client base.

    ? Potentially make Children ’ s high school Career a safer one which in bend expressions good for the company.




    Uniform Co. is late implementing an enlargement of its company into the high school market. Please take a few proceedingss to make full out this short questionnaire. The information gathered from this study will finally let us to serve your communities uniform needs to our greatest potency.

    1. Make you experience that school uniforms are necessary in the instruction system today?

    › Yes › No

    2. Make you soon belong to a school system that has a unvarying policy?

    › Yes › No

    3. Make you work at a occupation that supports a unvarying policy?

    › Yes › No

    4. Rate the followers in grades of importance as to how you feel a unvarying applies.

    Highly Important Some What Important Unimportant Very Unimportant


    Service Industry


    Government Positions

    5. Check one of the followers, which you feel best, describes the expression of a pupil in a uniform.

    › Confident.

    › Intellectual.

    › Financially Secure.

    › One with good survey wonts.

    › Clean.

    6. If you have kids would you:

    › Sent them to a school with a unvarying policy.

    › Indorse a unvarying policy at your school.

    › Absolutely non set them in a school with a unvarying policy.

    7. Make you experience that the monetary value of school uniforms should be:

    › Inexpensive.

    › Moderate.

    › Reasonably expensive but lasting.

    8. Are at that place soon any schools in the country with a unvarying policy?

    › Yes › No

    9. Please rate the colourss on the chart as to how scholarly they are.

    Blue Green Gold Red


    Some what scholarly

    Not really Scholarly

    Not Scholarly at all

    10. If you have kids how many do you soon have.

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