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HIV Reaction Papers Sample

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HIV ( Si Heidi. Si Ivy at si Vanessa ) . This was the movie we watch last December 16. 2012. Having a Great histrion. Jake Cuenca who played as Virgilio Gil Bustamante beautifies the film seeing him. This movie is another run stuff of the Department of Health ( DOH ) to circulate information on the bar of HIV and AIDS to our state. Simply. to inform us how these viruses affect our immune system. Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a lent virus that causes needed immunodeficiency syndrome ( AIDS ) .

a conditions in worlds in which progressive failure of the immune system allows dangerous timeserving infections and malignant neoplastic diseases. This disease can take to decease but there are drugs that can longer the life of a individual who is infected with this sort of viruses.

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HIV Reaction Papers Sample
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That drug is the Antiretroviral drugs ( ARV ) . this are medicines for the intervention of infection by the retroviruses. chiefly HIV. At first. Gil Bustamante is inspired making that undertaking ; he faced many challenges merely to run that movie.

But non all narrative ends up with a happy stoping. Heidi died ; Ivy didn’t finish assisting Bustamante to run the movie while Vanessa gets beaten by a set of hoods while traversing the streets. And confronting her ain weakness/fear. Gil Bustamante a HIV positive. The narrative ends when he revealed that he is besides a victim of that virus. The disease made me recognize the latter portion of the film.

It is a lurid minute for us cognizing that Gil Bustamante is a positive. we thought that he is merely the portraying a character that is a film maker.

The secret plan of the narrative was great. Fictional characters portrayed their function really good. good done histrions and actresses. The flow of the narrative is astonishing because you don’t cognize what would be the following scene or what would be the stoping. It will be an eye-opener to everyone that holding these viruses or infected by these viruses means the terminal of your life. It will inform us that the battle against HIV/AIDS is non entirely the duty of the authorities ; it is a battle that demands responsible action from every person. HIV/AIDS can kill us so we must be cognizant of that. This movie will assist people to recognize that in we should be cognizant in everything that we do.

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