Reaction Paper for the Movie “HIV (Si Heidi, Si Ivy at Si V)”

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Virgilio “Gil” Bustamante ( as played by Jake Cuenca ) was a commissioned of Department of Health ( DOH ) . He weaves a narrative that combines assorted narratives of people infected with the virus. utilizing the San Lazaro Hospital. Among those holding their narrative told are straight persons. homophiles. cocottes and drug users. The movie focuses on three major characters ; Heidi. Ivy and Vanessa. Heidi is an ordinary homemaker who contracted the virus from her hubby. She was abandoned by her household and no 1 of her household member negotiations to her. Her neighbour calls her cocotte and they looked disgusted on Heidi. She suffered from the bad effects of HIV.

When she died her boy. Victor who is besides a HIV patient was nourished by his grandma. Ivy. a immature call centre agent discovers that she is HIV positive when she tries to use for work Canada. Her programs for a new life abroad destroyed. she must now confront the universe. her work. household. and friends with a error from her yesteryear. Vanessa. his existent name was Victor. a cheerful immature homosexual. and stand-up comic who engages in different sexual pleasances with multiple spouses. He. with his really supportive parents. are willing and eager to portions his narrative. Though he has find topics for the docudrama. still. it becomes harder for him to run into the deadline because the topics are indecisive who can’t make up their heads about sharing their narratives in public. So. with an emanating deadline. he runs after his topics and as he gets excessively busy working for the docudrama.

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Gil was obsessed to complete his documental even if his some topics are died and back-up and it was the ground why his girlfriend Miles. broke up with him. he still continue to complete the docudrama. He learns that the battle against HIV/AIDS demands responsible action signifier persons.

II. Reflection ( 500-600 words merely )

This film is non merely any other film that neither convey amusement. icinesss nor threatens. It is far better of informing the young person through interesting narratives with about all possible opportunities a individual may endure thru clip. I find it really helpful and it gives a batch of cognition in the young person. Many of us learned from this movie. It informs the young person in such a manner of doing each of them see themselves through the function of every character in the movie and figure out. with their ain apprehension and cognition. the message that the movie ought the people to cognize and understand. That is. to esteem each and every individual populating in this universe because after all. nobody’s perfect. We are all entitled to be make errors and therefore we should experience free in doing errors. We should ne’er judge anyone because we merely knew what they’ve done or what they’re traveling through yet. we ne’er knew the true narrative behind all of those.

I find myself similar to Gil Bustamante because Just like Gil. I am determined to portion every piece of me with all of humanity if in this manner. I can assist every individual to better the manner they live. the manner they see life and the manner they fight for it. Merely like Mr. Bustamante. I believed that what has to be done. I will besides give merely to complete a docudrama like that because I know that in that manner. I can assist many people.

I was stricken by the fact that the V in the caption of the movie ( Si Heidi. Si Ivy at si V ) stood non for Vanessa – but for Virgilio “Gil” after all. This portion made me understand why Gil doesn’t want to do love with her girlfriend because he loves her. seeking to protect her. since the start. And I am really glad because even though Gil was afraid for acknowledging that he is besides a HIV positive he admitted it. Because he knows that it can assist to the young person.

If by opportunity. that I have been in Gil Bustamante’s topographic point. I will besides make. even exhausted. by all agencies to complete my ain HIV/AIDS docudrama because I know that I can assist a batch of people. I will non be diffident if I have that virus because holding that virus is non my purpose.

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