Holy Family Catholic School: Learn, Serve, Lead, Succeed

At Holy Family Catholic School we learn,serve,lead,succeed. I left Holy Family When i was four Because my dad got a better job. I am very privileged to be at a catholic school because i would like to get a good education and learn more about my faith and this school has beyond both. I am only in fifth grade but I am planning to go to a catholic high school such a Bishop Moore.

I haven’t gone home and said i don’t like school because when your at Holy family there is no better school to be at. My parents pay a lot of money to come here and I plan to make my experience here at Holy Family worth it. Here at Holy Family we strive for Excellence and when we have assignments my eyes light up and I get super excited. The projects and games we do are fun but also very educational. Some kids might not have the money or aren’t able to come here so every day when I step into the classroom I say to myself “ today will be the best day ever and I will try to be the best i can.

We have specials such as pe or media. There are certain specials where there are two classes, like for instance spanish we have two spanish classes for the people that speak spanish and the class that still needs to learn it. If I had to name a school better than holy family i wouldn’t be able to. We have had projects like a planet project and we have had about 5 social studies assignments. We go to mass every friday(maybe not if there is a special occasion) and as Catholics we also go every Saturday or sunday. There are also food drives that we do to help the less fortunate. We also have a spirit week were we learn to learn,serve,lead,succeed. Me personally i love social studies and math. Math is the best because you can use it anywhere at any time. And the reason i like social studies is that we get to learn about our ancient ancestors. I kinda like science because it has a lot of value in life later and my favorite part about science is learning the periodic table of elements.

I love sports and my favorite sport is baseball. But Holy Family has a variety of sports such as basketball,football, volleyball and much more. In Holy Family I play on the basketball team and I am having so much fun. When we play basketball we play against other catholic schools such as Saint Mary Magdalen or good shepherd. There is also a track team and javelin throw. And also there are girls football and girls soccer. We also go on field trips 1-2 times a year! The field trip we went on latest was to an orchestra and saw a live performance. If you do bad in class and you have a basketball game later you might not be able to go. I have many friends and my teachers are amazing and the staff works hard to keep us safe and sound. The school is fairly large and big parts of it are outside. When we go to recess there are many options to choose from like ,basketball,soccer,four square and a humongous playground.

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