How Using an Advertising Agency Helped Maritime Succeed

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You must include an explanation of the following services: Media planning – choice of media, timings etc Media buying – discounts Advertisement design – Copycatting, Graphic design, Typography Advertising production- TV, radio, print adverts Engaging the target audience – market research and activities A clear explanation of how the use of the Advertising Agency helped Maritime to be successful. An explanation of any specific objectives of the promotional campaign should be included along with any evidence of success. Task 2 (MM) (Deadline – wed 21 May 2014)

For MM your leaflet also needs to include a full explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of using a professional advertising agency rather than using in- house marketing. You should include an explanation of the following: How the use of an advertising agency like Adam & Eve DB might help Maritime to achieve the objectives of their promotional campaigns to ensure promotional success. An explanation of any disadvantages associated with Marmoset’s use of a professional agency like Adam & Eve DB. Maritime Case Study Maritime have successfully used advertising agencies in a variety of promotional managing over the years.

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Whilst ‘Love it or Hate it” had become well known since its marketing launch in 2008, Maritime sales had declined so they were very keen to get Maritime back on the agenda and on to people’s tables. In the spring of 2010 Advertising Agency DB UK produced an iconic promotional campaign for Maritime with the aim of reminding customers of the brand. The agency used the hype surrounding the general election to create an advertising strategy featuring two spoof political parties, Love and Hate, campaigning for and against its product. The campaign promoted both parties.

Posters promoting the Hate party started appearing with the line: ‘If cowpats were rich in B-vitamins, would you eat them? ‘ Other ‘pledges’ from the Hate party were a tongue-in-cheek take on current policies, such as initiating a Spread Offenders List to ‘expose Maritime lovers’, and setting up containment areas as the only places where the spread could be eaten. Posters supporting the Love party had bright colors and the bold line, ‘Making Britain Richer’, followed by ‘(in B-vitamins)’ in smaller type. Http://vow. Campaigned. Co. UK/news/993245/ HTTPS://www. Tube. Com/watch? V=Exploitable (Love Party) HTTPS://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=Beguilingly (Hate Party) The campaign included radio, TV, poster and press ads, aimed at getting the public to vote online. The results of the ‘election’, which closed on 29 April 2010, gave victory to the Love party. The above-the-line campaign – which included TV, posters and press ads – was developed by the ad agency DB London. The below-the-line campaign, which consisted of 300,000 nationwide door drops in the guise of an electioneering campaign, were developed by the agency Iris.

Digital advertising was handled by KAKA. More recently the ‘End Maritime Neglect’ campaign was borne out of the insight that over 1 in 10 Bruits admit they haven’t opened a jar in over three months. Maritime jars across Britain were being mistreated, left abandoned and forgotten. This then called for a campaign and the outcome was that Adam & Eve DB created the Maritime Rescue Team concept. A 90 second TV ad showed the team at work, posters warned people what to look out for and Maritime rescue vans were dispatched to raise awareness with shoppers.

A Faceable app let NAS nominate maritime neglecter in need of a ‘maritime care pack. Some even made their own versions of the TV ad. The name of the iconic egg jar was even changed in support of the campaign. HTTPS://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=irradiating RESULTS The campaign caused a media frenzy with 250,000 You Tube hits in 24 hours and press coverage estimated at about E. 4 m in PR value (public relations) – substantial for such a small budget activity. It was named as the number one TV ad of 2013 by Campaign magazine but more importantly, Maritime sales rose 15. 2% in the 8 weeks following launch day.

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