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Boarding schools are better than day schools in the all round education of the child A day school is one in which the child goes to school in the morning and returns in the evening to spend time with the family while in a boarding school the child lives in the school and studies there and visits his family only a couple of times a year during the vacations. I go against this statement as in boarding schools, children will have to learn on their own which means they will not learn everything they have to, which parents can teach them. Value system – In a boarding school, the child learns to live independently and even though this is good, this is at the expense of losing out on the values that a child learns through the family system. Parental Influence: This takes away the parents’ ability to effectively raise their children and this means that the child will not learn everything he/she has to. Parental Help – It deprives the children of the affection and support of their parents.

There are no truly caring parents too look on to in the times of need. There are no adults to share your triumphs and victories with and no one to support you when you do something for you school, like dance, sing, sports etc and there is no one to properly console you if you fail in something. Peer Pressure: This is an integral part of school life and association with wrong peers can go unnoticed in a boarding school Home sickness- when someone is away for a month or so from their family and home, it is natural to get homesick and this in turn affects the physical and mental health of the child and this affects academic performances. The child will feel emotions such as sadness, frustration, anxiety, anger hopelessness etc. All of these affect a child. Not see the real world- Spending all your time in school restricts the circle of people you come into contact with. Extra-curricular activities organised by the school will largely be with friends rather than the whole range of the community as might be the case with karate , badminton, singing, dancing etc. So when you go into the world you find many things different and new which will be a problem most of the times.

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I feel that day schools are better in the all round education of the child as the child learns a lot more than being confined in a boarding school and not learning much of the parental values.

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