Homework Must Be Banned

Today I will be presenting my opinion on why I think teachers should not give homework to students. To start off, this is something everyone says. Us dedicated students wake up two hours earlier than there actual time of waking to get to school and study for seven hours. Isn’t that the obvious purpose of school? Education? Why are we given homework to do at home when learning could have taken place at school? Or maybe teachers know that they aren’t doing a good enough job!

What shocks me is that teachers don’t take into consideration about the students’ wellbeing! I mean, believe it or not, stated by the NHI, National heart, Blood and Lungs Institution, sleep deficiency cause people to be less productive at work AND school! Due to homework overdose, students have stayed up till midnight to finish off teachers’ requests. Only to set an alarm at 6 and have only 6 hours of sleep. Adolescents like us need at least 9 hours of sleep to perform well during the day. And did you guys know that sleep is divided into 5 stages that cycle through the night every 90 minutes. First, there is stage 1 and 2, which is called ‘light sleep’, while stages 3 and 4 are ‘deep sleep’. Though stage 5 is REM (also called Rapid Eye Movement), which is when you dream. Every noticed on the weekend, you always wake up rested and comfortable! You wake up naturally, and always happens during stages 1 or 2, light sleep. Though on school days, you have to set up an alarm and 95% of the time, we wake up in deep sleep, which makes us feel groggy and tempted to his the snooze button. Reference! Nature did not intend for us to wake up during deep sleep.

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Offcourse, teachers never have and never will give a damn about a student’s social life. But maybe give a chance and think this over. Stressed people are basically nothing. What that means is that when someone is stressed, their brains are legit blocked. They’re anxious, tensed and don’t function the same way. Education always comes with a side of stress. Dartmouth College advises its students “taking time to you for rejuvenation and relaxation is just as important as giving time to other activities.” 2 benefits in one! A few other benefits are you also learn from others. Teamwork is a big one! Almost every day at school, there is an activity, which requires students to use teamwork! Though how is teamwork used in
homework? You’re all alone on your desk. Adding to that, when with others, it enhanced their skills of communication, build self-confidence and learn resilience. All leading to better quality of learning at school. Believe it or not students who are socially active in college become workers who are engaged, enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to their careers. And that’s a fact. Though due to homework, social life ain’t happening’ So, instead of loading us with unnecessary homework to finish the day off, maybe these skills can be enhanced and built as long as getting enough relaxation from all the stress school has provided us with.

Basically all I’m trying to say is that everyone has different opinions, but I believe these deserve to be thought over.


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