Is Homework Harmful or Helpful? Argumentative Essay

Is homework Harmful or helpful? As a student, we are certainly familiar with the name of homework. Completing homework is one of the responsibilities of the student. Common reasons teachers give homework is to make students don’t forget to learn. However, how effective it is homework for the students? Is homework burden students in learn? During this time, students get homework is reasonable. To complete a lot of the subject matter, it is not enough just in the classroom. By giving homework, learning process can be done more quickly. Giving homework to students has some positive effects. Especially in learning and improve student ability.

With the homework, students don’t forget to read the material being taught. Because without reading, students will have difficulty in doing homework. With it, they form a habit of reading in students because reading has become their daily needs. Students also get the opportunity to develop his abilities. By the homework students can be familiar with different types of questions that may not be covered in the learning activities in the classroom. Homework can also help in increasing student academic value. We know that in Indonesia, academic value is also influenced by the assignments score given during a certain period.

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However, teacher gives too many homeworks. This usually occurs in schools that have accelerated system. In such schools, the teachers are too concerned with quantity than quality. No wonder if the learning process is done quickly. So, many homeworks given to the student by reason that the material can be quickly done. Overload hhomeworks is apparently having a negative impact on students. Even more negative impacts than positive impacts. With so many homework and demands to finish material with fastly, the student will feel stress. Stress occurs due to lack of time to study, develop talents, hanging out with friends and family.

Their lives are filled with doing homework. In fact, students were willing to stay up late to finish homework so much. In fact, teens are not good with too often stay up. Teen is time to grow, and to grow optimally need enough rest and free from stress. When students stay up, the next day they would be sleepy because of a lack of sleep. Sleepiness makes students don’t focus on subjects that are being followed, so that the students will be left behind the material being taught by the teacher. It should make students have extra learning outside school hours. Though there are many homework to be done.

So staying up will be repeated again. And the bad cyclee will continue to happen as long as teachers give excessive homework. Actually, homework can be beneficial if the quantity enough and the quality is highh. Although the school system with acceleration, homework should be given a reasonable, not in excessive quantity. The purpose of giving homework is to support the learning process, not replace classroom learning. So it will be very nice if teachers give homework a reasonable, relevant, and as attractive as possible. So homework can form critical thinking of students, and student achievement will increase.

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