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The South Africans have a saying - Honey Badger Speech Essay introduction. “So taai soos a ratel”. Translation. As tough as a honey badger. The Guinness Book of World Record’s six time winner of the world’s most fearless animal is…a thirty pound weasel that is known to climb into bee’s nests, take bites from cobras, scare off lions, and even to go so low as to bite off a male animal’s…gentleman’s area. But is this animal’s ferocity shrouded in myth? Will it really bite off your balls? Or has its real nature just been exaggerated by its huge internet following.

In order to find an answer to what the honey badger really is, we must gain some background knowledge of this animal, then look at the feats and known exploits, to understand why it has become such an internet phenomenon The honey badger, also known as the ratel, is not really a badger at all, and is in fact part of the mustelid, or weasel family. They are found all across Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as the Middle East, and India. This animal, on average, is only about 2 feet in length, and weighs up to 35 pounds. This is surprising, due to the honey badgers massive appetite. The diet of a honey badger is very broad.

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They are solitary hunters, and eat everything from small rodents, insects, and frogs, to cobras, monitor lizards, even animal carcasses. But what is astonishing is the lengths this animal is willing to go to in order to get food. Reports in India, dating back before 1941, have documentation stating that honey badgers have been known to tunnel into the graves of human corpses in order to get an easy meal. This trait is learned from the badger’s uncanny ability to dig gerbils and ground squirrels out of their burrows. Honey badgers have developed other adaptations to compete with surrounding predators as well.

For example, they have an incredibly strong resistance to poison and venom. Video documentation has shown mind-boggling feats of this animal completing acts that most would agree takes either extreme courage, or stupidity. National Geographic has captured footage of this animal climbing into an African honey bees’ nest. Although called the honey badger, this animal wasn’t going after the honey. It was going for a more satisfying treat. Larva. Now, when breaking and entering this nest, the obvious consequence of its actions are shown. It gets stung dozens if not hundreds of times. But he honey badger is seemingly invincible to the stings. It simply shrugs them off and continues to eat the larva. We see another example of this venom resistance more fully later in the film. In the footage, we see the honey badger continuing its constant search of food, when it comes across a cobra. But this cobra was enjoying a meal itself, trying to swallow a freshly bitten African mouse. The honey badger dashes in, taking the mouse and eating it, venom and all. After taking a few bites from the mouse, it goes for another meal: the cobra. After an intense fight, the honey badger takes the spoils and bites into his new meal.

But little does it know, its been bitten with enough venom to kill something 3x its size. Halfway into its meal, it passes out from the venom…only to wake back up minutes later to finish its meal. Even with these amazing, documented feats, do we know for sure that the honey badger can fight off lions? And are they really the Mike Tyson’s of the animal kingdom? Well, when trolling the interwebs one day, I found that almost any third party random website that contained a page on the honey badger talked about how honey badgers bite off animals’ testicles. Everything from obscure websites, such as badassoftheweek. om, to the world’s most watched car show Top Gear have referenced this strange, trivial piece of knowledge. But, even with this widespread exposure, there has been no actual evidence of a honey badger doing this. Also, it is a known fact that lions and other large predators commonly kill and eat honey badgers. Although, I must point out that the honey badger can startle and escape lions quite easily. The honey badger is such a fearless animal that it has become a viral phenomenon on the internet today. All the cool video documentation I told you about, I found on YouTube.

Videos, such has “Honey badger vs Cobra” and “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” have become huge hits, each receiving around 4 million hits. They have even earned an article featuring them on the main page on yahoo. com. In fact, the video, “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger”, has created a famous internet saying “Honey Badger don’t care”. It has even gone so far to where merchandise has been sold online, such as T-shirts and mouse pads. Now, it seems the little weasel is receiving its 15 minutes of fame in this day and age. Whether we will look at the badger as a cultural icon, or a passing fad, none can deny its ferocity in animal kingdom.

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