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Host vs. Hostess club in Japan

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What is the difference between a host or hostess club in Japan? Traditionally, in Japan, women have catered to the men but now the roles are reversed with host clubs catering to women. Essentially, host clubs are exactly like hostess clubs. The duties of the host is the same as a hostess. They are both paid to be attractive, to give members of the opposite sex non-sexual attention in the form of flirtation, flattery, lighting cigarettes, laughing at Jokes and most importantly getting their customers to buy expensive drinks.

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Host vs. Hostess club in Japan
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This is how they both make the bulk of their incomes. They split the profits from the drinks 50/50 with the bar. A host can average $5,000 per month. While hostesses generally make more between $5000-10,000 per month. The top host can make over $600,000 a year. While the #1 hostess can $1 a year. They both can enjoy celebrity status. Basically, becoming a host is a complete gender role reversal and women making more than men in this profession.

To be a hostess or host you must be young and sexually attractive. Similarly, they must spend a lot of time and money on their looks.

Hostesses often wear expensive gowns, while hosts will wear fine, fashionable suits. It is important they know what their client’s need or desire are. Sometimes they are like therapists listening to their client’s problems, consoling and amphetamine with them. Hosts often keep notes on their regular customers such as their birthdays, anniversaries of the day they met or to help them remember other personal information about their clients because it is important to their female regulars. Many of these women are essentially paying for romance.

Interestingly, host clubs tend to attract a younger clientele. While hostess clubs attract older men. Today, more and more women in Japan desire gender equality and independence. They are delaying marriage and want to work on their careers. However, they are often over-looked for promotions or even permanent, full time employment. This is one of the reasons young women choose this profession. Other reasons may be because they come from a lower economic class, they have few skills or are under educated. However, the same can be said for hosts.

Both seek eyeing a hostess or host as a way to use their youth, good looks and sex appeal to empower themselves and secure their future by starting a business or putting away a nest egg. Although, both host and hostess want to make large amounts of cash, gain status, as well as, achieve long term success. It appears that the women are also motivated by the attention they get from the men. Hosts are more focused on achieving upward mobility and achieving economic success on future business endeavors. Modernization plays a huge role in how Japan is changing. The theorization of Japan began approximately, 150 years ago.

During the Meijer Era, the class system was abolished, more people received an education, and the overall economy thrived. All Japanese were encouraged to adopt samurai ideals. These ideals included loyalty to Japan, loyalty to superiors, and personal honor and Host vs.. Hostess club in Japan By eldest samurai followed in Eddo times. Japan adopted Western technology and made changes to become a powerful country. In modern times, the corporation has become a substitute for the samurai clan and the “salary” is the modern day samurai, ND is expected to be loyal to his in-group.

Presently, there is movement away from personal sacrifice. The strong identification with a corporate group or life time Job has started to disintegrate after the burst of the ‘bubble yen’ in 1990. The Japanese have become less willing to sacrifice their happiness and freedom for a company due to salaried and older workers frequent dismissals. This lack of Job security, a strong middle class and gender equality for women has pressured many Japanese to find their own way. The role of the hostess and host clubs are a reflection of how the

Japanese are pursuing what is in their own best interests as individuals. They see an opportunity to create their own wealth and security outside of the corporate group, by making large amounts of fast cash and investing in their future. I think if a samurai walked into a host club and saw the men catering to women he would be all at once angry and confused. In his time, women were treated as second class citizens and semi-slaves. To a samurai, a women is supposed to be obedient to the man. A women’s place is to serve not be served! References: Folder, Benjamin. “Memoirs of a Geisha Guy.

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