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    ng pages of ”'”Red Skyin the Morning’?By Nathanael OrganIn ‘Red Sky in the Morning’ the author gains our interest by using similesand metaphors. The simile in the introduction that is most noticeable is”It was like starting up a video again after a freeze frame.” I feel thatthe most important word is ‘starting’ because it is simple yet powerful andadds a lot of interest as it adds motion to the sentence. It also addsworry to the sentence so the reader wonders, “What’s all the worrying for?”Freeze frame is important because without the word the sentence would bedull and lifeless. That is because it is interesting as it is seldom heardand adds life and power.

    The writer gets my interest also by using adjectives. The quotation I havechosen is “probably dying, in the most awful agony.” I feel the mostimportant word is awful as it is an illiterate phrase (awful agony!) and itis exciting because it describes the situation more clearly and exaggeratesit as well! “Dying,” is also important as it is also exaggerated andpowerful as it is extreme in saying it is terminating ones’ life.

    Elizabeth Laird grabs our attention by using verbs. I have chosen “Dadgrabbed his jacket.” I think the most important section of this quotationis “grabbed.” That is because it is an important verb. It is sudden andrushed giving the impression people around are panicky and rushed.

    The novelist acquires my attention by using suspense, especially unansweredquestions. The quotation is as follows: “And please hurry.” “Hurry.” Is theword that emphasises the point most as it is suspending. It seizes myattention because “hurry,” literally means rush and while the person whohas been told to rush is hurrying the other is in a suspense of panic.

    Laird grabs our thought by using emotions. The piece I find most emotionalis “She gave a smile.” The word “smile,” is most important because it is anemotional word as it gives a sense of warmth and happiness. It is alsoimportant because it is the subject of the sentence and the sentence orbitsaround it.

    The author makes the book interesting with the use of character detail. Thepiece that grabbed my attention was “He looked perfectly ridiculous.” Ithink the character detail in this sentence is “ridiculous.” I think thisbecause it gives a glimpse of what the character looks like. It also givesme the impression he is rushed and impatient. This gives a sense of worry.

    Simple sentences are used to add impact or humour. “I didn’t even run,” wasthe quotation. “Even is the word in the sentence that is impacting andpowerful. That is because it emphasises the point that she was beingparental, possibly even more than her parents by being calm and motherly.

    This assessment was written by Nathanael Organ and edited by Miss Jackson.

    How does the author gain our interest in the openi. (2018, Dec 05). Retrieved from

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