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Without a coherent structure to your writing, the piece will be difficult to follow w. Know that I really struggled with this at the beginning of the year. My essays were jumble d and the members of my writing group often told me that needed to focus more on keeping my information in order. For example, after reading the book petty by Ben Mislabels we were asked to pick any essay form we wanted and write about something that stuck with us. My essay y was about not judging a book by its cover, and how most people saw Petty as nothing but a n idiot. Undo it very difficult to keep the focus on my thesis, and it showed in my writing, With help from the corrections made by my peers and my teacher, I can score perfect on organize action in my essays. Another concept of writing that I struggled with was word choice. This is just a important in an essay as organization, and can make or break your entire sass moment. When I look back on my writing I don’t really think I have actually improved on word choice, but now it is something that I can focus on and try to do better with in my future writing g.

My final improvement this year has been the consideration towards my audio once. While I never really notice a point system for this concept in the grading rubrics, I can tell simply by going over my essays from this year that there has been significant change. At the beginning of the year, I was stuck in the mindset that what I write is mine, and if people do NT like it they can read something else. This isn’t the best way to think though, and no matter w hat I end up writing in life it will always be for a specific audience, and I need to take careful cons duration in how rite for that specific audience.

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Reading our essays outlook to our writing grog ups has really helped me learn this, and I now find myself constantly asking myself “who am writing this for? ” While I am nowhere near a “professional” writer, feel like this course has Greg tally improved my skills In more ways than one. Coming back from summer break was rusty and my writing was jagged incoherent. With the vigorous writing assignments I have if noshed, I can now confidently say that my organization, word choice, and attention to whom my audience is has increased greatly, and will benefit my writing from now on.

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