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How would you describe yourself as a human being

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                One of the things that it is easy and at the same time difficult to do is being familiar with oneself. There is an impression that the person you are mostly likely to know better is yourself because you are simply dealing with your own self. Who else would be aware of how you think and what you feel but no one other than yourself alone. However, these reasons are the same factors that make it difficult to know oneself. There are some people who can easily comprehend the inner workings of their minds while there are others who struggle to understand themselves. Many still remain to be clueless of who they really are even though they have lived for so many years or experienced so many things in life. I am so luck to say that at this early point in my life, I already have a notion of who I am and what I want to be in the future. Though the journey of getting oneself never ceases, I could say that I have unraveled some of the ‘unknowns’ regarding my personality.

                I am basically an organized, honest, detail-oriented, hardworking, emotional, rational and critical type of person. These traits can be both rewarding and stressful due to the different ways of how I act out these qualities. More so, these traits can either work for my best interest or damage my dreams and goals in life. These circumstances are normal everyday dilemmas of every individual. I for one have experienced the joys and pains of being who I am.

                Based on my self-assessment, I think that my best quality is being highly organized. This particular trait has helped me a lot in accomplishing my tasks as a student, as a friend, as a daughter and as a member of the community. Sometimes as a teenager, self-satisfaction comes first before responsibilities. But in my case, I was able to enjoy going to parties, watching movies and eating out with friends as long as I have finished first things that need to be immediately accomplished like home works, school projects, household chores and familial duties. My organizational and time management skills have greatly helped me in juggling these activities all together without compromising one from the other. On the other hand, the quality that I see as my ultimate weakness is being overcritical of my own self. I have the habit of setting certain standards to everything I do. In situations where I fall short in meeting these self-imposed standards, I tend to sulk over my mistakes. It takes a while before I can cope and move on. But on the bright side, constant self-checking helps to keep me on my toes and to be aware of the areas that I need to improve on as an individual. A problem only arises when I react in exaggeration over my shortcomings. But since I am already aware of this weakness, I am gradually trying to overcome this and I am doing my best to improve myself for the better.

                Meanwhile, the quality that I would like to see flourish is my skill in project management. As mentioned, I have the ability to efficiently manage my time to do as much tasks as I can. This serves as my starting off point in handling projects in an effective manner. In school, I have headed several activities for the enhancement of the academics and extra-curricular activities of the students. Fortunately, I have successfully accomplished all these projects with flying colors. Aside from school, I also lend a helping hand to my community by spearheading social activities that provide short-term solutions to the needy such as the homeless and orphans. All the blood, sweat and tears that I have put into these projects just seem to fade away when I see the happy faces of those whom I have helped. This type of gratification is priceless and timeless that I will forever treasure. In order to assure the attainment my success and the development of my good characteristics, I need to deal with my being emotional. There are many situations in life that require the absence of emotions because sometimes this can impede in the formulation of unbiased decisions especially in dealing with human relations. By dealing with this personal concern, I can be able to manage my future endeavors with less stress and worries. Overall, balance is the key in the achievement of personal and professional success.

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