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Google yourself Essays

Google Yourself
How can googling yourself for the first time change future decisions? I never thought about googling myself in a million years so it caused a lot of anticipation. What was I going to find, will I be disappointed, and how am I being perceived. After researching myself and viewing what all came up on the search engine I was shocked. There was only just a few links that inquired my name. I found a guest book that I signed for my favorite music artist and a baby registry and an account that wasn’t me. Discovering that guest book from back in 2001 is outrageous, that was 12 years ago. What was I even doing on the computer looking up my favorite artist at age 10? Something so long ago can still be exposed on the internet.
Additionally I found my last baby registry with the due date right on the front of the link. When I signed up for the registry, it states that any potential buyers have to enter my full name and sex of the baby at their store or website. So I was devastated that something so personal to me is exposed to everyone. Finally someone used my name to create an account on a social website. I vigorously looked over the account and it is not active at all thankfully. I have no idea who would want to defame me with lies nor do I know where they got my information from. After analyzing everything I have maintained a positive image by not exposing my personal life or using inappropriate content. Considering that this is my first research about myself I feel responsible and I’m at my discretion about what I do and say online. Decisions are like a gamble you never know what the outcome will be or where.

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