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How Сan Googling Yourself?

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  • Pages 2
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    Google Yourself
    How can googling yourself for the first time change future decisions? I never thought about googling myself in a million years so it caused a lot of anticipation. What was I going to find, will I be disappointed, and how am I being perceived. After researching myself and viewing what all came up on the search engine I was shocked. There was only just a few links that inquired my name. I found a guest book that I signed for my favorite music artist and a baby registry and an account that wasn’t me. Discovering that guest book from back in 2001 is outrageous, that was 12 years ago. What was I even doing on the computer looking up my favorite artist at age 10? Something so long ago can still be exposed on the internet.

    Additionally I found my last baby registry with the due date right on the front of the link. When I signed up for the registry, it states that any potential buyers have to enter my full name and sex of the baby at their store or website. So I was devastated that something so personal to me is exposed to everyone. Finally someone used my name to create an account on a social website. I vigorously looked over the account and it is not active at all thankfully. I have no idea who would want to defame me with lies nor do I know where they got my information from. After analyzing everything I have maintained a positive image by not exposing my personal life or using inappropriate content. Considering that this is my first research about myself I feel responsible and I’m at my discretion about what I do and say online. Decisions are like a gamble you never know what the outcome will be or where.

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    How Сan Googling Yourself?. (2016, Nov 24). Retrieved from

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    Is it OK to Google myself?
    "If you have any negative or unwanted search results, resist the urge to click into them frequently. Searching alone will do no harm, but extra clicks on negative results may indicate to Google that the world is more interested in those results than everything else that is positive and truthful about you," says Matta.
    What happens if you Googled yourself?
    One of the worst effects of googling yourself is that you sabotage your online presence by trying to monitor it. Clicking on your PPC ad is the equivalent of emptying your wallet and donating it straight to the search engines.

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