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Hr Practices Questionair

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Questionnaire to study Best HR Practices I, Divya Nambiar, student of XIME, Bangalore am conducting a survey to study the Best HR Practices in the reputed companies. It would be of great help if you could fill in the following questionnaire. Company Name : Person contacted : Contact Number: Position: Q. RECRUITMENT 1. Do you have a rehiring policy? 2. Do you have a job rotation policy? 3. Does the company have a referral scheme? 4. If yes, what is the referral amount? Q. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL 1. What are methods used for performance appraisal? 2.

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Hr Practices Questionair
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Are there any performance awards? 3. What is the frequency of the performance appraisal cycle? 4. Do you have a variable pay policy? 5. If yes, what percentage of CTC is the variable pay? Q. LOAN POLICY: 1. What is the loan amount? 2. What is the loan interest rate? 3. What are the conditions under which loan is given? . Q. CAR POLICY: 1. Is the car owned or leased? 2. Is the petrol expenses bore by the company: actual/ specify limit? 3.

Does the company pay for the drivers cost? Q. LEAVE POLICY: 1 Total Leave: 2. Casual Leave: 3. Sick Leave: 4. Privileged Leaves:

Q. RETENTION 1. Is there any retention programs in the company? 2. Does the company provide any retention bonus? 3. What is your staff turnover rate? Q. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: 1. What are training programs in your company? 2. How many types of training are conducted a. Technical b. Leadership c. Induction d. Any other 3. How frequently are they conducted? 4. Do you have vendors or outside trainers to conduct these programs? Q. TRAVEL POLICY: 1. How does the travel policy work? 2. How much amount does the company provide for travel (Abroad/ Domestic)?

Q. COMMUNICATION 1. Are there any special programs to help communication within the organization? 2. Step up meetings (Skip a level and junior employees talk to senior managers): 3. Town hall Meetings (CEO addressing the employees): Q. WORK LIFE BALANCE: 1. Work from home policy 2. Flexi timings 3. Reporting pattern Q. HIGHER EDUCATION 1. Sponsor 50% 2. Sponsor 100% 3. Tie up with Institutes 4. Clauses Q. OPPURTUNITIES 1. Onsite opportunities: 2. Paper presentation: 3. Awards: 4. Any other: Q. FUN AT WORK (List them):

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