Human Resource Practices in Linde Bangladesh

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I am pleased to present my report titled “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd”. I have made every effort to follow your guidelines and have sincerely worked towards making this paper as informative as possible within the given constraints. This report provides an overview of the current Human Resource Management practices at Linde Bangladesh Ltd. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to work on this report.

I am here to assist you by sharing relevant information according to your queries. Best regards, Roll: 02 16th Batch (Sec: A) Department of Management

I would like to show my sincere appreciation to the individuals whose blessings and cooperation were crucial in completing this report. Firstly, I express my gratitude to the Almighty Allah for ensuring every effort’s success. Secondly, I want to thank Professor Dr. Md.

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Abbas Ali Khan has offered continuous and immediate assistance, effective attention, and positive input for this report. He has granted me the chance to create an internship report about “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd.” He has provided advice and direction throughout my work, consistently being supportive and considerate. I am deeply appreciative of his generous gesture and friendly guidance in finishing the report. Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mrs. [Name].

Saiqa Mazed (Head of Human Resource) and Sufia Akhter Wahab (Reward and System Manager), who have made me feel at ease throughout my internship, have played a significant role in creating warm memories that I will cherish forever. They have guided me in learning through enjoyable experiences. This final report is the outcome of the collaboration with Linde Bangladesh Ltd’s HR Department. I am truly thankful and appreciative of their assistance and the patience they demonstrated while accommodating my numerous inquiries, which sometimes interrupted their daily office tasks.

The Department of Human Resource of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. invited me to work as an intern to gain experience in the HRM process. I was placed in the corporate office of Linde Bangladesh Ltd, a subsidiary of the world-leading supplier of industrial, process, and specialty gases, Linde Group. During my internship, I was assigned to the HR department where I learned about the daily responsibilities and tasks of HR personnel and how HR activities are implemented in an organization.

The primary focus of this report is the Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. It discusses the various steps of the HR process implemented by Linde Bangladesh Ltd in accordance with their HR manual for improving employee competency. The report also highlights the communication between all HR departments of Linde Group in order to achieve optimal results by managing human resources through recruitment, training, development, and performance evaluation. Overall, the HR Department provides guidance for the development of approaches to Linde Bangladesh Ltd’s HR policy and functions.

The report contains information on the findings of the HR Department and includes recommendations on how to address limitations in order to maintain an effective HR process. The table of contents outlines the different chapters and sections of the report, including an executive summary, introduction, methodology, and a profile of Linde Bangladesh Ltd.

The background of the Linde Group and Linde Bangladesh Ltd, along with their milestones, vision, mission, and products & services, are presented. The area of business and the organogram of Linde Bangladesh Ltd are described. The operations, growth, and performance of the company are discussed. Corporate social responsibility is also addressed. Chapter 4 focuses on the HRM practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd, including their HR policy, implementation and monitoring, human resource department structure, and functions. The report covers human resource planning, recruitment process, selection process, orientation, training and development, and performance management practices. Chapter 5 presents the findings regarding human resource management practices. Recommendations and conclusions are provided in Chapter 6. The bibliography and appendix sections contain reference materials. This report titled “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd” was prepared to fulfill the requirement of the internship program for a BBA in the Management Department at Dhaka University.

It is a mandatory requirement of the internship program to work for a specific organization for 3 months. This report presents the outcome of a project and is submitted to both the relevant teacher and the organization.

1.2 Topic of the Study: In order to write a report, it is important to choose a topic. A well-defined topic reflects the subject matter that will be discussed throughout the report. The focus of this report is on the “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd”.

1.3 Scope of the Study: This report has been prepared based on extensive discussions regarding the Human Resource Management practices.

While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of Human Resource Management sectors from Linde Bangladesh Ltd. This experience has enhanced my practical understanding of HRM practices and allowed me to compare the theoretical knowledge with real-life application. The objective of this report is to explain the current HRM practices at Linde Bangladesh Ltd and examine the actual happenings in this area of the selected business organization.

C] The purpose of this study was to analyze the HR policy of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. and identify limitations and provide suggestions for improvement in the HRM process. There were 5 limitations in this study. However, as an intern, it provided me with a valuable opportunity to understand the HRM activities of Linde Bangladesh Ltd., a multinational company. The following constraints were encountered: C] The main constraint was a lack of access to sufficient information, which limited the scope of analysis required for this study.

C: The HR Department at a multinational corporation (MNC) was not able to provide certain information due to confidentiality. Therefore, this study is based solely on available published data and informal interviews to some extent. Additionally, conducting such an extensive study within a three-month time frame is challenging because of limited time and lack of experience.

Chapter 2: Methodology of the Study

Introduction: Methodology is a systematic approach used to resolve research problems. It involves procedures, techniques, tools, and documentation aids that assist systems developers in developing and implementing proposed systems. This report was created by gathering both primary and secondary data from February 2nd to March 15th, 2014 and using statistical tools and techniques for data analysis.

In collecting primary data, adding value was observed through practical working experience, open discussion with management, and observation. Secondary data collection involved using journals, working manuals, annual reports, and the internet. The study was conducted at the Corporate Head Office of Linde Bangladesh Limited, with most of the data gathered from the HR Department. To enhance the study, data were also gathered from the Administration Department, SHEQ Department, Finance Department and others. Primary data sources are recorded as part of an original study.

The collection of original data is typically constrained by the available time for the study. This study used practical work in the workplace, observation, and discussions with management as primary sources of data. Secondary sources included internal sources such as documents provided by authorized officers, the company’s website, annual reports, journals, magazines, working manuals, and files of the organization. External sources included various websites related to gas industries.

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