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Human Resource Practices in Linde Bangladesh

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  • Pages 6
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    It is my great pleasure to submit this report title “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd” have tried my level best to follow the guidelines of your. I have put my honest and sincere effort to give this paper a presentable shape makes it as informative as possible considering the constraints. I believe this paper will give a scenario Of present Human Resource Management practices in Linde Bangladesh Ltd. would like to convey my tributes and thanks to you for giving me an opportunity to work on this report.

    I would enthusiastically provide you related information depending on your queries. Sincerely yours, Roll: 02 16th Batch (Sec: A) Department of Management Acknowledgement would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt appreciation to them who’s blessing and cooperation was important to bring this report in light. First I would like to pay my gratitude to the Almighty Allah who made ach attempt fruitful. Second, I want to express my gratitude to Professor Dr. Md.

    Abbas Ali Khan for his constant and spontaneous support, efficient care and constructive recommendations and suggestions regarding this report, who provided me the opportunity to prepare the internship report on the topic “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd”. He advised me and guided me in my work and was always very helpful and kind. I shall remain ever grateful to him for his kind gesture and cordial guidance in completing the report. Finally I would like to show my heart wrenched sincere to Mrs.

    Saiqa Mazed (Head of Human Resource) and my supervisor Sufia Akhter Wahab (Reward and System Manager) who have made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning till the end. In this internship period I have lot of warm memories to cherish forever. They have helped to learn work through fun. This final report is the result of the cooperation of Linde Bangladesh Ltd’s HR Department. am nevertheless thankful and grateful of their help and of the patience they showed during my frequent interruptions of their office jobs for satisfying my various queries. Executive Summery

    The Department of Human Resource of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. in responding to the request of providing an opportunity for internship convened me and got the opportunity to work as an intern to experience the HRM process. I was placed in the corporate office of Linde Bangladesh Ltd which is a part of Linde Group, world leading supplier of industrial, process and specialty gases. In the period of practical orientation in Linde Bangladesh Ltd. , I was assigned to the HR department and there I had a practical idea about how HR personnel worked and maintained human resources and how HR activities mplemented in an organization.

    This report mainly focuses on Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. All the Steps of HR process, implemented by Linde Bangladesh Ltd according to their HR manual to enhance the competency of their employees are discussed here. This report also points out how all the HR departments of Linde Group communicate to carry out their best possible results by maintaining their human resources through recruitment to training & development and motivating them by evaluating their performances. using the overall guidance of the HR Department, developed possible pproaches of the Linde Bangladesh Ltd’s HR policy and functions.

    The report also includes the findings of HR Department, and there are some recommendations regarding their limitations to maintain effective HR process. Table of Contents Contents Page No. Executive Summary VI Chapter 1: Introduction Origin of the Study 2 Topic of the Study Scope of the Study Objectives of the Study Limitations of the Study 3 Chapter 2: Methodology of the Study Introduction 5 Place of Study Sources of Data Methods of Data Collection Researching Instruments 6 Tools and Analysis Conclusion 7 Chapter 3: A Profile of Linde Bangladesh Ltd

    Background of the Linde Group 9 Background of Linde Bangladesh Ltd Milestone at a Glance Vision 10 Mission Products & Services. Area of Business 11 Organogram 12 Operations Growth & performance 13 14_16 Corporate Social Responsibility 16 17 Chapter 4: HRM Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. HR Policy of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. 9 Policy Implementation and Monitoring Human Resource Department Standard Organ Gram of HRD 20 Functions of the HRD Human Resource Planning 21 Practices of Recruitment Process 21-25 practices Of Selection process 25-27 Practices of Orientation 27 Practices of Training and Development 8 Practices of Performance Management 29-32 Chapter 5: Findings Findings Regarding Human Resource Management Practices 34 Chapter 6: Recommendations & Conclusion Recommendations 36 37 Bibliography 38 Appendix 39-51 Chapter 1 1. Origin of the Report The internship program exercise a significant importance as it enables a student to familiar with the practical business activities. The student work closing with the people of an organization and learn about the function of that organization. This program enables a student to develop his analytical skill and scholastic aptitude. This report title, “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd” prepared to fulfill the requirement of the internship program of the BBA in the Management Department, Dhaka University.

    It is a mandatory requirement of the internship program that requires a student to work a particular organization for 3 months. This report, which contains the outcome Of a project, is presented to the concerned teacher as well as to organization. 1. 2 Topic of the Study To write a report it is necessary to select a topic. A well-defined topic reflects what is going on to be discussed throughout the report. The report has iscussed “Human Resource Management Practices of Linde Bangladesh Ltd”. 1. 3 Scope of the Study This report has been prepared through extensive discussion with the Human Resource Management practices.

    While preparing this report, I had a great opportunity to have an in depth knowledge of the sectors of Human Resource Management, which gained from Linde Bangladesh Ltd. It enhances my practical knowledge of Human Resources Management practices and am able to compare between the real one and theoretical one. 1. 4 Objective of the Study The objective of this report is to explain the present practice of the HRM of Linde Bangladesh Ltd. The objective of this report is: C] To examine what is actually happening in the area of HRM the selected business organization.

    C] To examine the HR policy of inde Bangladesh Ltd. To identify limitations of process of HRM & suggestions regarding limitations. 1. 5 Limitations of the Study The present study was not out of limitations. But as an intern it was a great opportunity for me to know the HRM activities of Bangladesh especially in a MNC like Linde Bangladesh Ltd. Some constraints are appended bellow: C] The main constraint of the study is inadequate access to information, which as hampered the scope of analysis required for the study.

    C] As it is a HR Department of a MNC I was not allowed to know all its confidential information regarding decision making or any other related issues. For this reason, the study limits only on the available published data and certain degree of informal interview. ? 3 months time is not enough for such an extensive study. It is very difficult to collect all the required information in such a short period. 0 Since the MNC’s personnel were very busy, they could provide me very little time. Lack Of experience partially. Chapter 2 Methodology of the Study . Introduction Methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It provides a collection of procedures, techniques, tools and documentations aids which helps systems developers in their efforts to develop and implementation of the proposed system. It concern with identifying the relevant sources of data, application of appropriate data collection method and use of proper statistical tools and techniques for analysis of the gathered data. To prepare this report both primary and secondary data were gathered from 2nd February to 1 5th March, 2014.

    In the case of primary data, bservation, practical working experience, open discussion with Management Were added value in collecting data. For secondary data collection, journal, working manual, annual reports and internet help were followed. 2. 2 Place of study This study was conducted within the Corporate Head Office of Linde Bangladesh Limited. Most of the data were gathered from HR Department. For betterment of this study data were gather from Administration Department, SHEQ Department, Finance Department and others. 2. 3 Sources of Data Primary Sources: primary data are recorded as part of an original study.

    The work of collecting riginal data is usually limited by time available for the study. The sources of primary data for this study were practical work in workplace, observation, discussion with Managements. Secondary Sources: C] Internal sources- Different documents provided by authorized officers, company’s website, annual report, journals, magazines, working manuals and Files of the organization. I] External source- Different website related with gases industries.

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