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Human Resources Management Theory Essay

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The course provides students with an understanding of owe HARM can be an integrating force, linking various strands of business activity to help the organization meet its objectives through effective people management. The course covers the key functional areas of HARM such as recruitment and selection, training and development and managing global HARM. It also explores a number of cutting-edge themes of increasing importance to HER practitioners and academics such as talent management and the knowledge-driven organization.

Aims The course aims to introduce students to key HARM concepts and to integrate and apply them to various business situations.

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Human Resources Management Theory
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To achieve this aim, we introduce HARM as a tool for the implementation of organizational strategy, guiding students in identifying the people implications of business decisions and in determining appropriate HARM strategies and policies to bring about desired employee behaviors and performance.

Learning Outcomes On completion of this course, students will be able to understand and apply a range of key concepts, principles and theories of HARM, understand the impact of the international business context on HARM practices today, appreciate the importance of aligning HARM policies ND practices with the broader business and organizational context, understand how to manage the major HARM functional areas to support organizational strategies and goals, identify the key skills and techniques required for contemporary HARM practices and strategies.

Indicative Content Fundamentals of HARM Human resource strategy, recruitment and placement, training and development, compensation, employee relations. Cutting edge themes of HARM International HARM, managing global human resources, talent management, HARM metrics, the knowledge-driven organization, prospects for HARM. HARM Strategy Perspectives and theories, creating competitive advantage through HARM, translating strategy into practice. Teaching Methods Lectures and active student learning will be used to discuss and apply HARM concepts and practices.

Case studies and group discussions will be used to analyze HARM problems in business organizations. Discussions on recent journal and other articles will be introduced to keep students updated on the practical aspects of HARM. Measurement of Learning Outcomes Final examination and course assignment assess understanding of fundamental incepts and principles of HARM. Class activities and case analysis assess ability to a) identify current HARM issues and their relevance to business performance, and b) apply appropriate HARM approaches and techniques to solve business problems.

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