Human Resources Management Practice Task

Human Resources Management

HRM Incident 1: Open the Door

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            The basic causes of the problems confronting Ampex Utilities are the mismanagement and mistreatment of the company’s human capital and its inability to abide by the policies that it has set. In addition, the previous HR manager was unable to fulfill his duties and responsibilities in looking after the staff or personnel of the company. It seems like the problem has something to do with the political culture within the organization which establishes the conflicts and misunderstandings between the managers and the operative employees.

            In order to address the situation, Barney, as a representative for the company’s staff or personnel, should be able to communicate the concerns of the Ampex Utilities’ employees to the leaders and managers of the organization. In addition, Barney should also attempt to allow leaders and managers understand how keeping the company’s personnel satisfied and thriving is important in keeping the position of the company stable by relating the results or consequences of neglecting the needs and concerns of the company’s employees. Leaders and managers, as well as the employees, should understand that achieving the organizational goals and objectives of Ampex Utilities is a shared responsibility between them.

HRM Incident 2: You Are out of What?

            The operators shut down their machines to watch Marcus pour the gasoline as a reaction to his violation of the labor agreement. The labor agreement between the union and Kelso Construction Company redefined and limited the role of supervisors in intervening with how the laborers worked. Marcus’ responsibility was only to supervise whether the established plan was being completed by the workers in the construction site, assessing the alignment of work to goals and objectives, the due date or deadline, working conditions, and such.

            Prior to visiting the site, Marcus, being not only unaware of how to handle a unionized crew newly assigned to do the job, should have gone over the labor agreement in order to understand his specific roles and responsibilities. Marcus should be able to explain to the workers how he was unknowing of the rules set within the labor agreement and assure that he will go over the agreement in order to avoid making mistakes in the future.

HRM Incident 3: Break down the Barrier

            Bill has the option of whether to join the union or not because the decision to do either is a right. Bill, like all workers, have the right to either join, not join, and even leave the union if he pleases, and decisions such as these should not be forced or influenced by employers or colleagues.

            If Bill chooses not to join the union, his colleagues would more likely persuade him to join by discussing the benefits and advantages of joining the union. Bill’s colleagues have been persistent from the start, therefore, I believe that they will continue to do so, until they convince Bill or they receive an apparent refusal or denial from Bill.

HRM Incident 4: How about a Strike Vote?

            The threat of a strike is highly important in putting the labor union’s concerns and sentiments across. When companies feel the threat of workers, they become vulnerable to organizational breakdown because personnel absences paralyze business processes and operations. If companies are threatened, they would be willing to consider the concerns and sentiments of union members in order to sustain stability.

            In Christina’s case, being offered salary packages that deviate from the demands of the union, the company she was working for was not threatened by a strike because they were able to recognize the mood of the workers. When she next confronts the management, Christina should be firm and unwavering in her position, emphasizing how limiting the increase in wages will not boost the morale of the workers. If workers are not entirely motivated, it will result to poor standards of work results and unproductiveness. The results of these situations are comparable to the results if the workers strike. Christina should also communicate how increasing the wages agreeable to the employees will not only motivate the workers, but will also reflect to the company’s performance consequently affecting the return of investment and the company’s potential to survive the recession.

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