Human Sexual Behavior and Abstinence

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This section explores the potential consequences of sexual activity or abstinence for teenagers. Sexual activity can have emotional impacts, such as depression if a relationship ends after sex. It can also lead to health consequences, such as contracting an STD. Sexual involvement can also potentially influence a teen’s goals, as it may lead them off the path of education and towards pregnancy or dropping out of school. Personal values can play a significant role in choosing abstinence versus sexual activity. Practicing abstinence can prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies, leading to healthier and happier relationships and a more successful adult life. It can also make a person’s first experience more meaningful if they wait until they are married.

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This section deals with the possible implications (consequences) of sexual activity or abstinence for a teenager.

  1. Being sexually active can impact teenagers emotionally. Discuss one emotional impact of sexual activity.  One emotional impact of being sexually active can be depression if the person felt special that they had sex with the person and the relationship suddenly ends the person would most likely more strongly towards the brake up then a relationship without sexual relations.
  2. Choices we make affect our health. What is a possible health consequence for sexually active teens?  A teen can contract an STD as a consequence for being sexually active.
  3. Throughout this course, we have discussed goal setting. How can sexual involvement change or potentially influence a teen’s goals?  Sexual involvement can seriously impact goals that have been set by teens as it can set the person off path in regards to education and rather than finish school and go to college the person might become pregnant or just stop going to school.
  4. Explain how your value system impacts your choices about abstinence versus sexual activity. My value system seriously impacts my choice on whether to have sex or not as I believe I shouldn’t do so until I am married.

The issue is abstinence. You have looked at implications on how sexual activity can affect your goals, emotions and health.

  1. Practicing abstinence is the only way to make sure you won’t get any STD’s
  2. Also practicing abstinence means you have no chance of an accident happening and your girlfriend getting pregnant.
  3. Practicing abstinence until you and your partner are ready can make for a happier and healthier relationship.
  4. The practice of abstinence can also lead you to be more happy and successful as an adult.
  5. By practicing abstinence you can assure yourself that your first time with your future wife will be more meaningful.

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