I Have a Lot of Homework

1) What literary term could be applied to the nearly two-page diatribe about gloves and galoshes that begins this chapter? The end of it contradicts which previous declaration Holden made? The literary term that can be applied to the two page diatribe about gloves and galoshes in the chapter is an excursus and it contradicts Holden saying that he is a pacifist. 2) Holden is confused and has many ambivalent feelings about sex, but in what respect is the point of view he operates from a moral and ethical one?

Holden is very confused about sex but he respects women and feels that they should not be used and he wants a steady relationship and tries not to have sexual thoughts. 3) In regard to sex, Holden concludes that he feels sorry for girls. What observation does he make about this? Holden thinks that most girls are dumb and when they become to passionate they lose their brains and he thinks the opposite of guys and guys don’t lose their brains when they get to passionate. 4) Why is Holden unwilling to have sex with the prostitute?

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Holden is unwilling to have sex with Sunny because he just wants to talk to her about his life and she is very uninterested in him and Holden is also afraid of losing his virginity, Holden also feels sorry for Sunny and he makes her even more depressed. 5) Since he can easily afford it, why does Holden object to paying the prostitute another $5. 00? Holden objects to paying the prostitute another $5. 00 even though he can afford it is because he is stubborn and he is angered by the fact that the guy in the elevator lied to him and took advantage of him.

Ashini Kaluarachi English (Period 7) Mr. Gerson 11-26-12 Chapter 14 1) In the confrontation with Maurice and Sunny, why do you suppose Holden still refuses to give up the extra money? Holden still refuses to give up the extra money even after Sunny and Maurice confront him because he is stubborn and he knows that he is going to get beat up but Holden doesn’t want to disrespect his own morals. 2) Does his fantasizing about a bullet wound seem out of character for Holden?

Holden fantasizing about a bullet wound doesn’t seem out of character because Holden is very imaginative and he gets this scene from a movie. Ashini Kaluarachi 11-26-12 English (Period 7) Mr. Gerson Chapter 15 1) Point out the discrepancy between Holden’s comments about movies with Sunny and Sally. Holden thinks that Sally is addicted to movies and plays and he really doesn’t understand them. 2) What conclusion does Holden arrive at about suitcases, wealth, and relationships?

Does his conclusion about Dick Slagle ceasing to be his roommate seem accurate? Holden doesn’t like when people have cheap suitcases because of his roommate Dick Slagle. Dick had really cheap suitcases while Holden’s were really expensive and Holden felt bad for him and one day Holden put his suitcase under his bed and the next day it was back on the rack and Holden realized that the reason Dick put Holden’s suitcases back on the rack is because he wanted everyone to think that Holden’s suitcases were his. ) Talking about Catholics, Holden says, “It’s just like those suitcases I was telling you about, in a way. ” In what way are Catholics like suitcases Holden says that Catholics are like suitcases because a boy in a Catholic school once asked him if he knew where the Catholic Church was but he was really trying to find out if Holden was Catholic or not and Holden thought it ruined conversations and he was glad when the nuns didn’t ask him about his religion.

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