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The author has clear expectations of their ideal partner, believing that they should be a combination of beauty, brains, and personality. They describe their expectations as realistic, wanting their partner to be loving, caring, and able to cook a variety of cuisines. They also expect their partner to be a good homemaker and strategist, able to manage their family’s budget and future plans. Education and family status are also important factors for the author. They are drawn to slim girls who smile well, and believe that clothing is important as well. Overall, the author desires a partner who is a diplomat, a good friend, and an angel in looks.

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Ideal Partner

Being a person having clear expectations regarding my ideal partner, I am very much concerned and possessive while thinking of my life partner. For me an ideal partner should be a synthesis of beauty, brains and personality. As most people do, I don’t believe that real life is exactly as it is seen in movies and sops. The expectations are hence more realistic for me and I expect my partner to be loving and caring as I shall be to her.

I am an ardent admirer of variety cuisines. Obviously I will expect my partner to be an expert who could prepare variety dishes. I like continental & Chinese cuisines and most of the desserts. My ideal partner should be a good homemaker who takes care of me, my family and the home. I expect her to be a strategy planner who could manage my family’s budget and future plans as I fell I am not that good at such arenas. She ought to have compassion towards old people and children as I expect her to look after my parents as they get old and as I plan to have more than 2 children!

 It is said that Education makes one perfect. Definitely I will look for good educational background and a strong family status in my partner.

Everyone wants his partner to be an angel and I am no exception. I too want my partner to be the most beautiful and exceptionally pretty women! Though it is a little bit exaggerated I will definitely be inclined to a pretty girl to be my life partner.  My preference regarding beauty is that I like slim girls who smiles well. As it is said a smile can be priceless at times. ‘Clothes make the man’, says Shakespeare, yes the attire is also of importance for my ideal partner. She should be comfortable in variety attires and should look good in them. To conclude my better half should be a diplomat in her strategies, a good friend in her dealings and an angel in her looks.

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