Ideal Person According to Confucius

“Moral character of the ruler is the wind; the moral character of those beneath him is the grass. When the wind blows, the grass bends. ” (Kenyu 12, 19). He focuses on the real world and provides guidelines for how people should live their lives. Morality was the most important subject for Confucius.

His goal was to create gentlemen who carry themselves with grace, dignity, and good moral character and be well-spoken. In describing the Ideal person according to Confucius, he or she can be described as one who has learned how to “live their life within the parameters firmly established by Heaven. ” There were Six Arts taught by Confucius: Rituals, Music, Archery, Chariot-Reading, Calligraphy, and Computation.

He believed individuals that mastered these skills could then lead. Many other teachers’ concepts were similar in thought. Ren-(compassion) believed in the Golden Rule. What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others. Hi- believed in respect for superiors and enacts his role in society in such a way that he himself is worthy of respect and admiration. Shu-self analogy, reciprocity. Golden Rule-do unto others as you would have then do unto you. Wen-arts of peace. Music, Poetry and Art Virtue.

Xiao-obedience, devotion, respect for one’s parents and elders. In reaching the state of idealism according to Confucius; one must understand the need for good moral character and good government. Being of good moral standing gives way to the many concepts of the Daodejing. Confucius believed that if everyone lived this way harmony within ones-self, those who ruled and nature became balanced. “Confucianism is often thought of as a system for the regulation of social groups and the transformation of the individual.

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