The Main Reasons People Communicate

There are many different grounds why people communicate. One ofthe chief grounds is to construct relationships. When an single eg. a parent. a kid or a member of staff joins a new scene. the first thing that will happen is communicating. A simple moving ridge. a smiling or stating “hello” to that person will do him/her feel more welcome. Gestures are besides of import when pass oning to a individual. This manner we are constructing a relationship. Another critical ground is to keep relationships. When we go to work or out with friends we are keeping relationships. Everytime we say “hello” or “goodbye” to a individual we are keeping a relationship. It does non ever have to be work related but it can be a simple friendly smiling or a inquiry for illustration if they had a good weekend or non. By stating or making these things we are maintaing healthy relationships.

On a work puting it is of import that we gain and portion information with our clients which are the kids and their households and besides with our co-workers. By this we are able to work more expeditiously and render a good service. Gaining and supplying reassurance and recognition is besides a signifier of communicating between people. Children and immature people need alot of reassurance and recognition. By praising a kid. making oculus contact and demoing involvement in what they are making eg. when doing a trade you ask inquiries on how they are doing it. you are giving them reassurance and recognition. Physical reassurance is besides of import when pass oning with kids. In a good work environment the workers between themselves must besides admit each other and they must besides reassure each other.

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As human existences it is in our nature to show our demands and feelings and it enhances the commmunication between people. It is our responsibility to allow the kids and immature people express their demands and feelings. If non it can take to defeat and isolation. The last chief ground why people communicate is sharing thoughts and ideas. Peoples have ideas and thoughts and it is of import that they portion them with each other to better communicating. Children and immature people love to portion their thoughts and ideas so it is of import that we listen to them. In a work puting it is of import that co-workers portion their thoughts and ideas related to work as it can be utile and helpful for the kids and the service and impact ain work.

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