Wi-Fi Change The Manner People Communicate Argumentative Essay

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Presentation: WiFi

WiFi everywhere. WiFi everywhere you go. No more bad connection. You can’t get away from it. When you step outdoors, free WiFi. When you step indoors, free WiFi. When you go to your technologically impaired grandma’s house, free WiFi.

When you’re traveling for a motorcycle drive, free WiFi. This is what happens when you have citywide WiFi. Aren’t you tired of being nagged by your parents about going over your data limit on 3G or 4G? Aren’t you tired of those super-expensive phone bills? The cheapest 2-year plan for an iPhone is $1,799.76. If that’s not expensive to you, then listen to this. The most expensive 2-year contract for the iPhone costs $3,360.00. Imagine having to spend all of that money.

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You’d have thousands of dollars over just a few years. Free public WiFi for the whole city is not impossible, and it has been done. Corpus Christi has free public WiFi for the entire city, and when I went there, I didn’t have to use 3G once. Have you ever been to one of your friend’s houses and had to ask them for the WiFi password? Imagine never having to know the WiFi password for anything ever again. You could get a free texting app and save thousands of dollars a year.

Imagine what you could do with that money. Buy a car. Buy the new Xbox. Buy a bunch of new video games. With all of that money, you might be able to afford to buy one snack at the movie theater. The only cost you would pay for WiFi would be just a small extra tax. With free public WiFi, you could watch movies, stream music, and download material without using any data. Public city WiFi has the potential to change the cell phone industry forever.

If more cities adopt public WiFi, then eventually, expensive 3G and 4G prices will go down or go away completely! Are you tired of bad connection to school WiFi, where everything fun is blocked? Just connect to the city WiFi! Since the urban population relies on technology so much in our new generation, free public WiFi could be very beneficial to our society.

Thesis: Because our universe is more technology-based than ever, citywide WiFi will be easier than any other way of connecting to the Internet.

#1 Attention-getting topic sentence:

Free public WiFi has the potential to bring society to a whole new level of education. Analysis: People could communicate freely and without data lag. Business owners could communicate with their employees about meetings, freely and effortlessly. People would have a whole new idea of social media. They could share their ideas, thoughts, and concepts without any hassle, so others could see them and learn from them. Advertising ideas and products to the city would be as easy as 1-2-3.


Mashable.com states that “The public networks would be much stronger than the average household network—their signal would hypothetically go for long distances and penetrate thick walls and other objects.” which means that you could get WiFi in your house, in the grocery store, or anywhere else.

Many of the major cell phone carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, are going against the proposal of free public WiFi. Their argument? Well, they believe that free public WiFi would cause people to cancel their cell phone data contracts and they would lose money. In simpler terms, these companies don’t want WiFi because they want to keep ripping us all off.

From an article on Mashable.com, I also found that Google and Microsoft have partnered up in a rare move to support public WiFi networks. They argue that national WiFi networks would trigger a wave of technological innovation. Both companies also manufacture devices which would benefit from massive public WiFi networks, from Google’s Android operating system to Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Xbox gaming consoles.

If Microsoft wants free public WiFi for the Xbox gaming console, you know the WiFi will be blazing fast. This is because Xboxes need an enormous amount of bandwidth to run smoothly. So, if Microsoft wants WiFi, they will want it to be fast so their Xbox clients are satisfied with their product.

Free WiFi will create a huge argument between the people who want to rip you off and the people who want to give you the best technological entertainment possible. Would you rather continue on this path of slow, expensive service, or would you like to see the other side of the spectrum – blazing fast internet service that anyone can afford and can use at any time?

Reasoning sentence:

Free public WiFi has the chance to not only change the way people communicate but also change the way people work and play.

Attention-Getting Topic Sentence: You may believe that WiFi is more of a luxury than a necessity, though with current smartphone technologies it’s becoming a necessity rather than a luxury.

Analysis: Public WiFi can be used for educational tools, emergency services, daily web browsing, and much more. Some consumers already use their 4G data on their smartphones, but what about the others who don’t own smartphones? It’s estimated that about 94% of city inhabitants own an internet-capable device. With such a high rate, public WiFi is highly necessary. This will allow more businesses to communicate intelligence with others while also providing helpful and cost-saving services to their users.


Providing public WiFi for consumers is like a long-term investment. The government will add local long-range hotspots into the city. Many competing businesses and consumers can pay recognition to the government by buying advertising licenses and paying a small bit of extra taxes. Many companies would try to compete with this opportunity by lowering their service costs and increasing their demand. This change would affect you by lowering your monthly cell phone bill.

Also, another great reason to encourage WiFi is with all the communication that’s happening. Communication can be expressed in many different ways or forms. As humans, it’s impossible for us not to communicate. Communication is a right rather than a privilege; therefore, it should always be free.

Free public WiFi would offer you free communication whether it’s to your penguin friend in Antarctica or to your local supermarket. It doesn’t have to be a quick call. Public WiFi offers texting, calling, instant messaging, emailing, picture sharing, and video calling. Possibly not violent slaughtering! Today’s generation is pleading for communication as it’s required for work, school, military, etc. Remember, WiFi is not a luxury; it’s a major necessity in a developed country like America.

Concluding Sentence:

Overall, free public WiFi is a great necessity to have, but it can’t be done without your support. A developed country like America needs more integrated connections among citizens and a little encouragement in the economy. Free public WiFi is the solution.


Citywide WiFi does more good than bad. It will assist both the people and the city. The network will help the economy of the community by attracting more people to the city. It will also be a service to the people living in the area who don’t have the money to access the charming world of the internet. The relevance of using it is so easy, and everyone can do it. You don’t even need 3G or 4G to connect.

All you have to do is connect to the city WiFi. Everywhere you go, you can see free WiFi. People will visit certain shops, go to a certain restaurant, or visit a fixed library just to use their WiFi connection. With the city’s free wireless local area network, you can do whatever you want without having to worry about connecting to the once privately-owned wireless local area network services. WiFi is not even a luxury anymore, honestly.

People will literally do anything for the internet. We depend on technology today to the point where we cannot live without our phones. That’s where we are heading, and we should take advantage of the utilities we have access to and try to gain something valuable from them, such as knowledge about something we like or lessons that teach us amazing life skills. We can learn things from our devices and have them for our amusement as well.

WiFi belongs to everyone and not just for the people who can actually pay for it. Everyone should have it. It will help enhance the curiosity for knowledge in kids that don’t have access to WiFi and make them ask more questions. People NEED access to modern technology, and WiFi is the most basic form of modern technology. Everything we do is now electronic. Everything we are taught is now based on electronics.

Books will always be there for us, but when we don’t have the certain book to answer a question, we need an answer somewhere. This is an idea that we can put to the test. Let’s try to make a citywide WiFi program that will benefit us all, rich and poor, curious and young, and old. Let us grasp information like never before and use it. Let’s be the generation of extraordinary wealth in knowledge.

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