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Immigration Reflection

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Immigration has been a long standing issue in America and is still one of the most predominant topics in politics today. On November 14, 2012, Hector Becerra published an article in the The New York Times that talks about the belief Latinos are the main source that caused President Barack Obama to be re-elected. Since President Obama has devised a plan, known as the Dream Act, has given the Latino population hope but has also brought some negativity into the past election.

Although many feel most are powerless, the fast-growing Latino electorate is expected to double by 2030 (Becerra 2012).

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Immigration Reflection
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When one is talking about immigration they are also including the concept of emigration. Emigration is the act of leaving one’s country in order to settle in another and is basically the opposite of immigration (Quach, 2012). People who have emigrated from their countries, especially Mexico, come to the U. S. to live the ‘American dream’ and have a better life.

Children of illegal immigrants who are American born or have resided in the United States for most of their lives will be granted some rights provided by the Dream Act, compared to Romney, who lost more than half of the Latino population’s vote due to his remark about immigration and how difficult he was going to make it so we can ‘solve the problem’.

Another important concept associated with immigration and emigration is the concept of “brain drain. ” Brain drain is the massive emigration of technically skilled people from one country to another (Quach, 2012).

Individuals continue to emigrate to other countries to use their skills in work that help our economy, for example factory jobs not everyone is willing to take. However, the number of illegal immigrants coming into the United States is decreasing, with one reason due to the recession creating a deficit of jobs, and enforcement at borders are becoming stricter (Becerra, 2012). Immigration is becoming less of a huge problem, conversely children born in the U. S. o native born have the ability to vote in elections when they turn 17. The conflict persepective shows how society has a scarce amount of resources, such as money, jobs, housing, healthcare, and education (Quach, 2012). The Latino population, being a minority, greatly lack these resources especially native born immigrants who struggle to find a job and afford healthcare and an education. Having American born children, they are open to some support which can give their parents few opportunities or possibly become a citizen.

The children have the power to vote, most likely to the Democratic party that will help them in some way, like President Obama created a plan that drew the attention of most of the Latino population. Due to the fact immigrants tend to have more children than the native born, the demographic ripple effect of future immigration on the makeup of the electorate will be felt for generations (Becerra, 2012).

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Becerra, Hector. (2012 November 14). Latino voter impact ‘will be felt for generations,’ says report. Los Angeles Times. Quach, Christina. personal communication. October 2012)

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