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Impacts of communism

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Communism is a social practice which was very common in pre, during and post colonial times in many countries all over the world. This essay mainly highlights about communism and its effects in Asian and Hispanic countries.  Finally there is a conclusion which highlights on the importance of outwitting communism owing to its adverse effects on human and national development.

Communism in Asian and Hispanic countries

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Impacts of communism
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Communism is a kind of social system whereby the property is owned by the community or the state.

This includes property such as land and livestock. Cultivation of land is done generally by the whole community members and the returns will also be mutually used by the members of the community. Many Asian and Hispanic countries practiced this social culture. These countries had principles and policies that were strictly observed to ensure the mutual coexistence of people within the community and the rest of the state at large. The principles enacted ensured that peace and tranquility existed which formed the basis of a healthy living amongst the members of the society (Brimmell 37).

Impacts of communism
Positive impacts of communism
The communist governments in Asian and Hispanic countries implemented many programs in agrarian reforms, government ownership of industries, free access of the necessary facilities such as education, housing, health and other   social services. This contributed greatly to developments in various aspects as highlighted bellow.

Economic development
The government’s ownership of the major industries enhanced her accumulation of resources.  This boosted the government’s efforts in offering the necessary facilities for her citizens. Sufficient educational learning facilities such as the schools, learning materials and the management personnel were made easily accessible for their people. Many children from poor backgrounds were therefore able to access the basic education.  The free and sufficient health care facilities also led to improved health of the citizens hence reduction in mortality rates.

Social development
Through the mutual ownership of property people in Hispanic and Asian countries were able to live together peacefully. The spirit of togetherness were cultured and nurtured. This greatly enhanced the   national integrity and social cohesion which is a prerogative and basic requirement for the development of a nation (Bertrand 138). Communism led to elimination of private property and this boosted the nation’s human dignity to the same level. This led to the elimination of human exploitation by the more privileged members of the community to the less privileged.

Negative impacts of communism
In as much as communism led to the   equity distribution of resources to all citizens of a nation. Communist had some shortcomings which had adverse effects to the people in Asian and   Hispanic countries. This included:

Increased poverty

Communism led to deterioration of personal developments amongst the individuals in Asian and Hispanic countries. Everybody worked for the common and greater good of the society at large. The people therefore could not receive all the fruits of their hard work and this therefore led to a slower pace of growth in the society which eventually caused widespread of poverty. Communism led to increased human rights abuses because the returns of the peoples work were not commensurate (Furet 113).

Communism is a social practice which led to decline in   economic development in the Asian and Hispanic countries. Individual development is very crucial for the growth of a nation. Communism brought the peoples skills and capabilities to the same level and this paralyzed the development and progress of aggressive and hardworking people. Communism therefore is a social practice whose adverse effects has greater impacts

In individual and national development at large which should be stemmed out in those countries where the practice is still common.

Work cited
Brimmell, J. Communism in South East Asia: a political analysis. Oxford University Press, 2006.

Bertrand, Ader and Marx, Karl. Communism: classical and contemporary. Barron’s Educational Series, 1970.

Furet , Francois. The passing of an illusion: the idea of Communism in the Twentieth Century. University of Chicago Press, 2000.

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