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How does one specify the word “good? ” If something is good. is it helpful? Profitable? Satisfactory? Harmonizing to the Merriam-Webster lexicon. when something is good. it can be relied on. it’s loyal. and it’s true. Communism is misunderstood by many Americans. This is chiefly due to a deficiency of cognition of what it genuinely is. Before one can make up one’s mind whether Communism fits the definition of good. one must foremost understand what this type of authorities is. Communism is a theory that was proposed by a German philosopher named Karl Marx. Under Communism there is no private belongings. alternatively. all belongings is owned by the province. In add-on. no 1 works for a net income. but instead for the province. There is no demand to work for a net income because a commission in the authorities controls the economic system and equally distributes land and wealth among all the people. extinguishing societal categories. This is the type of authorities that Cuba has established. and when looking at the political. economical. and societal facets of Cuba as it is. it is apparent that Communism has been good for Cuba.

Despite everything Cuba has traveling against them. Castro and his Communist policies have benefited the economic system of Cuba greatly. The U. S. A. has had an trade stoppage placed on Cuba since the 1960’s and the Soviet Union cut off resources in the early 1990’s. Even with these 2 factors doing a immense blow to the economic system of Cuba. Fidel Castro has been able to stabilise the economic system of Cuba. After the Soviet Union cut off supplies. the economic system of Cuba suffered great losingss. However. with economic reforms. Fidel Castro has been able to increase the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) . or entire value of goods and services produced in a twelvemonth. of Cuba in recent old ages. In fact. from 1995-1997. the GDP of Cuba was turning at a rate of 3-6 % . higher than that of the USA ( Document E ) . In add-on. since Castro has come to office. his economic reforms have made the lives of people better. Before Fidel Castro and Communism were in topographic point. when Fulgencio Batista was the dictator. the mean one-year income of a individual was $ 91 ( Document G ) . In 1999. the mean one-year income of a individual was $ 1. 700 ( Document L ) . That’s over 18 times the sum a individual made under Batista. Obviously. Communism has been a great benefit to the economic system of Cuba and Castro has proven himself really loyal to the people of Cuba.

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However. when looking at the political relations of Cuba entirely. one may non hold as great of an feeling of Cuba. The authorities in Cuba does hold a batch of control. The authorities is really rigorous and lone allows for a Communist political party at that place. The authorities can besides command what is printed or read online. However. all steps are discussed with the people. The workers. provincials. pupils. and National Assembly all have a say in what happens in the state. In fact. Cuba is ranked as holding the 3rd lowest degree of human poorness out of a sum of 85 developing states. This ranking is partly based on the degree of societal inclusion. or how much say citizens of a state have in society and authorities ( Document H ) . This means that the people in Cuba know what is traveling on and hold a voice in authorities determinations. All determinations made by the authorities. are for the good of the people and to profit the people. This shows that the authorities in Cuba is a true Communist authorities and everyone is involved in it.

Particularly when looking at the societal factors of Cuban society. Communism has been great for the people and has made immense betterments. Before Communism. 44 % of the people in Cuba ne’er went to school and about 1/5th of Cubans were illiterate. Besides. there was merely one physician per 2. 000 citizens and there was a batch of corruptness in the authorities ( Document G ) . Now. with a Communist society. 95. 7 % of Cubans are literate ( Document L ) . In add-on. Cuba has the 3rd highest per centum of safe imbibing H2O in their state out of all the states in Latin America ( Document M ) . They besides have the 2nd highest sewerage disposal and 3rd highest day-to-day protein ingestion ( Document M ) . This all shows that life in Cuba is safe and that Cubans are populating healthy lives in a Communist society. Cubans are besides good taken attention of. Cuba has the most doctors per capita out of all the states in the universe ( Document I ) .

They have 58. 2 doctors per every 10. 000 people. so there are merely approximately 170 patients to each doctor. The U. S. A. merely has 27. 9 doctors per every 10. 000 people. that’s less than half of the doctors in Cuba ( Document K ) . These doctors are besides good quality physicians. The life anticipation in Cuba is 73. 84 for work forces and 78. 73 for adult females. which is about the same as the U. S. A. . which are 74. 24 for work forces and 79. 9 for adult females ( Document L ) . Not to reference. harmonizing to the World Health Organization. the per centum of people in Cuba that have AID’s is merely. 03 % of the population. whereas in America its. 61 % of the population. The lives of citizens in Cuba have improved greatly since Communism has been in topographic point. Cuban citizens have been able to trust on Communism and Fidel Castro.

As mentioned in the debut. when something is good. it can be relied on. it’s loyal. and it’s true. The Cuban president has proved himself loyal to his citizens. He has proved that his Communist policies are good to the people and that he will merely make what is in the best involvement of the people. In add-on. the Communist authorities set up in Cuba is a true Communist authorities. Every individual has a say in what is traveling on and every determination is made in the favour of the people. It is besides certain that Communism can be relied on in Cuba. It has improved the lives of every Cuban and benefited the state greatly. Communism has improved about every facet of Cuba. So. has Communism been good for Cuba? Based on the facts. the lone sensible reply is yes. Fidel Castro and Communist policies have been true. loyal. and really dependable. which is the exact definition of good. Therefore. Communism has. in fact. been good for Cuba.

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