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Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

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Part B – Short answer questions

Answer the following questions in your assessment document.

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Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
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1. What is the name of the most recent Act that legislates on ‘Littering and illegal dumping’ in Queensland? Provide an example of a littering fine in Queensland.

2. Describe three water use efficiency strategies for an office or home environment.

3. Imagine you work in a business office. You are assigned a task to reduce the printer paper use in the office. Describe how you would seek input from your work colleagues to implement a paper reduction initiative.

4. Briefly, what is Quality Assurance? Name the current International (ISO) Quality Assurance standard which applies to all organisations regardless of size, industry product and service (this is a generic standard and does not specifically relate to sustainability).

5. What is a “benchmark” and why are benchmarks useful when setting targets and goals, Use a resource efficiency example to explain your answer (eg energy waste or water).

6. Describe five communication strategies you could adopt in your workplace to reach as many sustainability stakeholders as possible.

7. Research the ResourceSmart Green Procurement Guide and state three questions you could ask potential suppliers when embedding sustainability in the purchasing process.

8. Summarise what you consider to be the most important responsibilities of a Sustainability Compliance Officer.

Part C – Case study

You are employed at “TRAL Consulting” where the Company Director has recently introduced a sustainability strategy designed to reduce energy, waste and water usage. You have been assigned the role of sustainability representative for the company and your first task is to implement an ‘energy use’ initiative. You need to conduct some research, collect and document relevant information, and implement a plan to achieve a reduction in energy use. Then you need to communicate the outcomes to the company director and the other key stakeholders. In addition to the company director TRAL Consulting employs twenty (20) administration staff. Each admin staff member has their own desktop computer with one LCD screen. The Company Director only has a laptop. A fax machine, laser printer and a photocopier are all located in the front office area. There is also a laser printer and a photocopier in the back office. Apart from the Director’s office and the front and back administration offices there is also a conference room and a staff kitchen. In the kitchen, there is an urn, a large fridge/freezer, toaster and microwave oven.

There is an old TV and a data projector in the conference room. TRAL consulting operates from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. All staff members have a lunch break between 12 noon and 1pm except one who is on duty on a rostered basis so that front office remains open during this time. Lighting includes 10 standard fluorescent lights in the front office, 20 standard fluorescent lights in the back office, 1 standard fluorescent light in the conference room, 1 standard fluorescent light in the Directors office, 1 standard fluorescent light in the staff kitchen and 8 standard fluorescent lights in the staff toilets. All fluorescent lights have a single tube. The building is air-conditioned with 2 ducted air-conditioners in the front office, 5 ducted air-conditioners in the back office, 1 in the conference room, 1 in the Directors office, 1 in the staff kitchen and 1 in each of the male and female toilets. When you do an initial inspection of energy usage you note that: The air conditioning is controlled by one switch for the building and is on a timer set from 7am to 7pm. No-one knows if the lights are switched off at night.

All electrical equipment is switched on 24hrs a day. Staff log off their computers, but leave them turned on. The cleaner works Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm.
Staff meetings are held every Tuesday from 5pm to 6pm.
Part C questions
Answers to Part C questions 5 – 8 are to be written in your assessment document. Answers to Part C questions 1 – 4 are written as instructed below. If you feel the data given above is insufficient, you may make assumptions – for example, the wattage of the fluorescent lights has not been provided, so make an assumption on what kind of fluorescent lights are used in a typical office. 1. Complete the Energy_Audit worksheet listing all the electrical items at TRAL Consulting and the potential electricity weekly cost. You may find the Energy_device_table useful as a reference for the wattage of some of the devices. 2. Analyse your Energy Audit worksheet data and suggest an improvement opportunity for each type of electric device. Record this in the
Improvement Opportunities column of the worksheet. 3. Refer to the sample Preliminary Action Plan from ResourceSmart Victoria for guidance on layout, then create a similar MS Word or MS Excel version saving it as Action_Plan. 4. Using your identified ‘improvement opportunities’ from the energy audit worksheet, complete the Action Plan for the lights, air-conditioning, computers and two other devices or work practices of your choice. 5. Describe how you will support the staff at TRAL consulting in implementing your Action Plan? Four weeks after implementing your action plan, a staff member approaches you and suggests you include some recycling in the organisation. 6. Come up with three recycling suggestions applicable to a typical office (you decide these) and describe how you would support the staff at TRAL Consulting to implement these. 7. You are encouraged by this staff member and wish to seek further ideas from other stakeholders. What communication techniques would you use to do this? Three months have passed since you implemented your energy action plan. You obtain the quarterly electricity bill and discover a reduction in the electricity use and therefore a lower bill. In fact energy targets in your action plan have been reached. 8. Write a short report (approx 1 page) about your ‘energy use’ initiative referring to the outcomes of your Improvement Opportunity Action Plan. Include a small chart or graph mapping one of your improvements. Include the following in your report: Identify the stakeholders that you consulted with during your energy use initiative and the communication strategies that you used. The data collection processes you used.

Note any problems/issues associated with your initiatives.

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