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In Dramas Life Is Short

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Drama is, according to Merriam Webster, “a composition in verse or prose intended to portray life or character or to tell a story usually involving conflicts and emotions through action and dialogue and typically designed for theatrical performance. ” The plays of “Time Flies,” “Trifles” and “A Death of a Salesman,” display an aspect of life; they display a good deal of emotion and conflict. The plays give rise to the ideas of the meaning of life, women, and the American dream.

The play, “Time Flies” was written by, David Ives.

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In Dramas Life Is Short
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They play is centered on the life of two mayflies. The play itself is an easy read, but has great philosophical stand points. One of the stand points of the play is that life is short. When the T.V. guy, David Attenborough, says, “…It is a simple round of meeting, mating, and meeting, mating…and dying.” Life is short. When we start are adolescent stage of life, people are concerned only about meeting a mate, and settling down.

Finding a “mate” is important in life because it is how the human race procreates. However procreation is not the only reason why people are here. There has to be something, some kind of reason as to why we are here. People have realized that throughout history.

Philosophers, different faiths and spiritualties are just some examples of people trying to find the meaning to their existence. Another motif in the play is the idea of, when one person is born; they have a predestined amount of time to live on this earth. Horace and May were born in the morning, hit adolescence around noon, and died that night. This also a tie into the motif of life is short. There is something strange the way things happen in life. Some people believe in fate, and others believe in creating their own fate in this place. Then, there are some that believe that it is a little of both. Who is right? Who is to say that one cannot have a different view of life, than someone else? The last motif in the play is the idea of carpe diem..

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