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India’s Nuclear Weapons

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This event is in the news because a country violated a law that the entire world agreed on not doing anymore. India have always wanted to become nuclear, and their wish came true. They accepted their consequences of being nuclear, but they are happy.

It”s neighboring country Pakistan and India have had two wars, and always competed to be the best, and so far India is winning, because India have about 65 warheads and Pakistan have about 25 warheads.India have also declared they have nuclear capability were as Pakistan have not.

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India’s Nuclear Weapons
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India is exceptionally proud of having nuclear power, after conducting their first test in 1976, and then five in the year 1998. India have always wanted to be known for something to do with military and now they have accomplished that goal.

Proposals have been suggested for this problem, but only two countries have sort of resolved the problem. Japan and America have put sanctions on India. Japan have froze all bank access to India from their banks, but trade is still continuing.

America its most dependent country have put money sanctions on India, in which now it will now effect India”s economy.

India is 14.5 billion dollars in debut. If I could have a chance to resolve this problem, I would let them keep there nuclear power, but would have to lay down some rules on what they can”t do and what they can do. I would not allow anymore nuclear test”s.

I would also make it mandatory that the bombs have to reach a certain requirement.India”s past prime ministers have been scared of becoming nuclear, but it has been the India”s citizens dream to become nuclear, and now there dream has become a reality. In recent news of India, their economy is dropping rapidly, and is making no attempt to rise. There is only one problem with nukes they hold.

There nukes, Russia”s, China”s, Frances all are short range nukes, which go about 5000 miles. The only two countries that it”s nukes can mostly reach any were in the world is the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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India’s Nuclear Weapons. (2018, Jun 10). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/indias-nuclear-weapons/

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