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Individual Assignment Maintaining

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Email’s parents are trying to gain custody of the child because they do not agree with Email’s lifestyle and feel Emily and Lois are unfit to raise their child. Emily and Lois seek help and support through a counselor as they face their issues associated with same sex marriage and their child. If I placed myself in the counselors shoes, an ethical issue is by beliefs vs.. The state law. I personally do not have any problem with same sex marriage.

Although I consider my self to a law abiding citizen, I would have empathy for Emily and Lois.

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Before I can help this family I would make it clear to them what they are up against. I would explain to the couple that they are not eligible for unifies that they may have been in their previous state such as tax benefits, retirement, health, and social security benefits. In addition to being excluded from benefits, would let them know they do not have protection from discrimination.

I would ask them what they expect to get out of counseling and determine if their expectations are achievable.

We would then work together to set goals that will help meet their expectations. I would recommend different strategies to help their family understand them. If unsuccessful with acceptance from family members, a group session including Email’s parents would be commended Other options that could be discussed with Emily and Lois are either moving to a state that where gay marriage is legal or seeking legal action against Email’s parents. As for their neighbors, I would make it clear that everyone is not going to agree with what you do with your life.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I would suggest that they try to talk with their neighbors and let them get to know you as a person. Hopefully they will see that you are a person just like them. If they feel they are being harassed and no resolution is in sight, I would address their individual rights. If they feel their individual right are being compromised would advise them to get the police involved or seek a civil suit for harassment against their neighbors.

I don’t consider myself to the type of person that complains about problems so don’t imagine I would be the type of counselor that will listen to people complain and cry about their problems. At least not long term. The beginning stage is expected to be filled with emotion and I understand that, but naturally I am a fixer. I am concerned with how we are going to work through the problems and come up with a realistic solution.

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