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Informative speech on phobias

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After researching Phobias I have found that to understand them you must know about IV. The different types, the causes and effects, and treatments of phobias Body: different types . First thing you need to know that there is no limit to phobias. Phobias can be made from anything you mind thinks of. Although the number of phobias can not be counted there are four main categories. A. First is Animal Phobias a popular one is arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. B Second is Natural environment phobias which are things like fear of heights, fear of storms, and fear of water.

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Informative speech on phobias
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C. Third is Situational phobias, which are triggered by a present situation. These are things like claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed space and pathologic, the fear of flying. D. The last category is Injury phobias this includes the fear of blood, needles, and medical procedures. E. There are some phobias that do not fall into any of these categories such as the fear of clowns, choking or public speaking.

II. Next is the causes and effects of phobias. 1 . The causes of phobias is not know for sure but physiologist have found some things that could be responsible. A.

Phobias could be caused by evolutionary survival mechanisms which is a humans instinct to panic when put in a potentially dangerous situation. An example of this is someone being afraid Of heights because their instinct is that they could not survive if they fall. B. It can also be from a traumatic experience usually from childhood. Like a fear of the dark could be a product of someone who was locked in a dark room for a long period of time. The reason that person now has Anglophobia is that when they encounter the dark later on in life, memories of the earlier experience are triggered. 2. The effects of a phobia are severe.

A. When faced with the phobia common symptoms are shaking, sweating, increase of heart rate and difficulty breathing. The affected person may even try to get out of the situation at any cost putting themselves and others in danger. A person with a phobia can experiences these symptoms when just seeing a picture or thinking of the phobia. B. Another effect is the opportunities missed when dealing with a phobia. 1. A person with a fear of heights could turn down a great job opportunity because of the office being on the top floor of a building. 2. An affected person can even put their life at risk.

People with Transportation will not proceed with the proper medical treatment because they fear injections. Ill. There are many treatments for phobias A. Flooding is a treatment that uses exposure to the phobia until the fear fades away B. People also use medication such as anti-anxiety and antidepressant to help cope C. Some people will go as far at to use things like hypnosis to get rid of the phobia conclusion phobias are something that affect a lot of people. The are very hard to deal with but with understanding of the different types, the causes and effects and the treatments of phobias these people can be helped.

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