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Internal summary: Therapy dogs

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You know that you can just go home and relax with your dog and forget about the bad day you might have had. Speaker Credibility: With the research I made I discovered that there are Therapy dogs who are trained to give affection and comfort to people that are in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas and people with learning difficulties. Central Idea: I will explain what the benefits are for having a Therapy dog and what it takes to certify a Therapy dog.

Signpost: First, let’s talk about what the benefits are of having a Therapy dog. Body: l.

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Internal summary: Therapy dogs
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The two main physical benefits are lowering blood pressure and increasing the levels of extinction. A. High blood pressure is associated with rapid heart rate, anxiety or stress. 1 . These conditions are mainly psychological that can be cured certain therapy methods. 2. Petting a dog can create a positive atmosphere such as friendship and affection; by practicing this type of therapy, it can reduce anxiety and will finally lower blood pressure and heart rate.

B. Therapy dogs can increase levels of extinction, which can boost happiness, improve empathy, stimulate better pair bonding and promote a appear life. . Therapy dogs can improve your mental stability by reducing anxiety and build confidence. 2. For people suffering from with anxiety having a dog gives them some sense of routine, which makes their anxiety go down by concentrating on taking care of the dog instead of thinking of their problems and fears. Internal summary: Those were the ways that Therapy dogs can help reduce blood pressure and increase extinction. Signpost: Now, you can’t use any dog and say he’s a therapy dog because you pet them. II. Therapy dogs need to be certified and to be certified they need o meet certain criteria and temperament A.

One of the criteria that needs to be followed to certify a Therapy dog is the behavior. 1 . The dog needs to be able to get along other dogs, people and animals. 2. A Therapy dog also needs to be tolerant of all types of people and atmospheres. B. Another criterion for a Therapy dog to be certified is with their health. 1. The dog must be healthy and have all its shots to be certified. 2. To certify a dog they have to be a minimum age of 1 year old. Internal summary: Now we know that a dog needs to be a good with others ND be in good health.

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Internal summary: Therapy dogs. (2018, Apr 13). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/informative-speech-on-therapy-dogs/

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