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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friends

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            Dogs make great pets because they are so friendly. The title ‘Man’s bestfriend’ perfectly suits dogs. Majority of people around the world have dogs as pets than any other animal in the planet. The qualities of dogs make them wonderful pets which creates a sense of friendliness and ease for the pet owner. Dogs can be easily trained which in turn helps owners to bring out the quality of obedience in them. According to different observations, dogs are the most commonly seen pets and also the most utilized in so many different ways.

People can see many dogs and owners walking around the parks more than any other animal. Dogs serve a great deal to security, they have been used in airports, malls and different areas to patrol. This just proves that dogs can be easily taught and also points out to the friendliness factor between  pet and owner. The quality of dogs being friendly, especially to its owner, makes them great pets.

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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friends
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Their ability to easily respond to orders, or even to just play around the yard makes them great pets. Great pets are the ones where you can find a good relationship with. They are the ones where you can find comfort, connection and most especially, fun.

            Dogs’ friendly qualities are much greater than any other animals can ever have. Dogs provide friendship with just being easily serving as a companion. Many people have dogs as pets due to their desire to have a companion or just plainly, a friend. A dog’s capability to respond, is a great quality that easily showcase it’s friendliness. Also, the ability of a dog to guard and protect is one of the most desirable qualities that proves their friendliness to their owners. This stands up to the point that they really are man’s bestfriend. Dogs make great pets due to their friendly features. Their capability to provide protection, service and most especially companionship, easily incorporates them as great pets and great friends.

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Dogs Are Man’s Best Friends. (2017, Jan 06). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/dogs-are-mans-best-friends/

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