Internal Locus of Control vs. External

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The writer discusses how people view the world differently, with some believing that they have little control over their lives while others believe that their efforts and actions have a major impact on their future. The writer completed a questionnaire and received a score of 4, indicating that they have an internal locus of control. Research shows that individuals with an internal locus of control tend to be more successful and optimistic, as they are more likely to set high goals and seek solutions to problems. The writer believes that while some things in life are out of their control, they have the power to make changes in their social, academic, and family lives. They suggest stepping outside of difficult situations, finding solutions, and trying new things to take more control of one’s life. Overall, the writer is proud to be an internal and plans to implement changes to improve their life.

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During my life, I have come across individuals with different outlooks on the world and their environment. Some people credit luck, chance, and external factors for most of what happens in their lives. In contrast, there are those who strongly believe in their ability to shape their own destiny and influence the world. These two groups are often known as internal and external individuals.

There are two types of people: Externals and Internals. Externals believe they have little control over their destinies, while Internals believe that their actions shape their outcomes. After completing the “What Controls Your Life” questionnaire, I scored 4, which categorizes me as an internal. Being an internal has its advantages as studies show that these individuals are more likely to succeed in different areas of life compared to externals.

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Internals have a positive outlook on life and set ambitious goals because they believe in their ability to achieve them. For instance, even if their grades are not exceptional, an internal might apply to an Ivy League school as they have confidence in their capacity to work hard and improve academically. Conversely, an external with similar grades may opt for a less challenging school for admission since they perceive their grades as unchangeable and unworthy of improvement.

Internals are individuals who constantly strive to enhance their lives and actively seek solutions to address any dissatisfaction or issues they may encounter. Conversely, externals tend to accept their circumstances as inevitable and are less inclined to make changes. Consequently, externals experience heightened levels of stress due to their inability to effectively cope with challenging situations. Moreover, internals exhibit superior listening skills.

Personally, I fully agree with this perspective. It is my natural inclination to genuinely listen and comprehend others without passing judgment. While there are undoubtedly circumstances beyond our control, a significant portion of life can be managed according to our will. To enhance the quality of my social interactions, academic pursuits, and family relationships, some adjustments may be necessary. A useful strategy for exerting better control over specific issues involves taking a step back from the situation at hand, compiling a list of potential solutions, selecting one option, and committing to it.

One more thing to do daily is to remind oneself that stressing over something already happened is pointless, so the next step is finding a solution. Another change one can make is trying new things and breaking routine. For instance, although I prefer stability and routine, I must take risks and push boundaries to gain control over my life and shape my future. Overall, as an individual, I am proud of who I am internally and will definitely strive to incorporate these changes into my life.

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