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Making an internship is a portion of BS ( Business Administration ) class. The chief intent of internship is to acquiring practical experience of what we have learned from our through out class. I am pupil of practical university of Pakistan.

They are giving the best instruction and are offering for specialisation, fiscal, selling, human resource and information engineering and direction. And it is necessary to finish BS ( concern Administrative ) grade do six to eight hebdomad internship any organized organisation.I completed my internship Askari bank limited Gujar Khan Branch because it is the viing bank presents that provided good preparation to their internee. It is best chances for me that I had learned to pattern it.

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During my internship I found that Askari Bank Limited is the best bank in the part that provided best service in banking sector in Pakistan.During internship I have work assorted section of the Askari Bank Limited Gujar Khan subdivision ( 0108 ) such as Deposits, foreign Exchange OBC/Clearing/ Remittances, Accounts, Credits and ATM operation. I clear my constructs to working with different section of Askari Bank Limited and the most importance thing that I have learn in my internship is how to cover with clients and how to retain them for long period.

I describe in my internship study about the history of Askari Bank Limited and it merchandise and service, different section of bank at assorted degree employees, concern volume, history of Gujar Khan subdivision and working of different section of Gujar Khan subdivision and I besides describe the map of direction that perform by the top direction of Askari Bank Limited and the at the terminal of study I explain SWOT analysis and give some recommendation for betterment

Introduction of banking

Bank is a fiscal institute that deals with money and things that liquidity equal to paper money, which come of people and lends to other peoples, institute and corporation for personal and concern used on involvement. Its primary activities supplying fiscal service to client while addition plus value and making net income for their stockholder.

The first bank were establishes during the 3rd millenary B.C. Banks invent to cover with money. In the early age there was no construct of money in any signifier. Initially banking sedimentation consisted of grain and some other goods that holding some value merely like cowss, agricultural implements and some metals such as gold coin that was little in size and easy to transport from one topographic point to other.

History of banking in Pakistan

At the clip of independency Pakistan there was 19 foreign bank operate in Pakistan with really little Numberss of subdivisions their constabularies and operation were controlled by abroad. These Bankss were entirely engaged in export and import of harvests from Pakistan. And there are merely two Bankss at the clip of intendance of Pakistan, Habib bank which was transferred its caput office signifier Bombay to Karachi after the proclamation of divider and one of the Australian bank which have been working in Pakistan districts to June 1947.

After independency it was non possible of authorities of Pakistan to put up the cardinal bank instantly. To decide the job the modesty bank of India worked as a cardinal bank of Pakistan boulder clay 30th September 1948. The authorities of Pakistan established ain cardinal bank 1st July 1948. The development in the banking sector of Pakistan was phase by stage and major stage are followingFirst stage ( 1947-1974 ) that know as Establishment of Commercial BankingSecond stage ( 1974-1979 ) that know as Nationalization of BankingThird stage ( 1979-1991 ) Introduction of Islamic Banking in PakistanFourth stage ( 1991-2000 ) Denationalization and deregulatingForm 2000 to nowadays

Brief history

Askari Bank Limited was established 19 twelvemonth ago since October 9, 1991, as a Public Limited Company, and is listed on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. The Bank has got its concern beginning certification on February 26, 1992 and started working April 1, 1992 and engaged its banking concern harmonizing to the Companies Ordinance 1962.

Askari Bank Limited continues bettering its all activities and operation with the base on balls of clip and acquire new highs in all countries of operations. Due to the high safety and security of depositor ‘s financess, high productiveness and optimal usage of engineering and its corporate strength AKBL earned international acknowledgment as Asia Money Award and the rubric of “Best Commercial Bank of Pakistan ” in 1994 after the starting of 3 twelvemonth working and after one twelvemonth 1995, the Euro money declared the best domestic Bank of Pakistan.Askari Bank Limited has since expanded into a web of 235 branch/ bomber subdivisions, including 31 dedicated Islamic banking subdivisions and a sweeping bank subdivision in Bahrain.

A portion web 4401 online ATM covering all major metropoliss in Pakistan supports the bringing channels for client ‘s service. As at December 31, 2009 the bank had equity of Rs.16 billion and entire assets of Rs.314. 7 billion with 885,764 banking client serviced by 6442 employees.

“To be the prima private sector bank in Pakistan with an international presence, presenting quality service through advanced engineering and effectual human resource direction in a modern and progressive organisational civilization of meritocracy, keeping high ethical and professional criterions, while supplying enhanced value to all our stakeholders, and lending to society ”

Corporate aims

To accomplish sustained growing and profitableness in all countries of concernTo construct and prolong a high public presentation civilization, with a uninterrupted betterment focal point.To develop a client -service oriented civilization with particular accent on client attention and convenienceTo constructing an enabling environment, where employees are motivated to lend to their full potencyTo efficaciously mange and extenuate all sorts of hazards built-in in the banking concern.To optimise usage of engineering to guarantee cost-efficient operations, strengthening of controls, efficient direction information system, enhanced bringing capableness, and high service criterions.

To pull off the Bank ‘s portfolio of concerns to accomplish strong and sustainable stockholder returns and to continuously construct stockholder value.To present timely solutions that best meets the clients ‘ fiscal demands.To research new avenues for growing and profitableness.

Strategic Planning

  • To comprehensively be after for the hereafter to guarantee sustained growing and profitableness.
  • To ease alliance of the Vision, Mission, Corporate Objectives with the concern ends and aims.
  • To supply strategic enterprises and solutions for undertakings, merchandises, policies and processs.
  • To supply strategic solutions to beef up weak countries and to counter menaces to net incomes.
  • To place strategic enterprises and chances for net income.
  • To make and leverage strategic assets and capablenesss for competitory advantage.


Rivals are houses or organisation that provides the same merchandise and service in the same market at same clip. Askari Bank faces many of rivals that provided the same merchandise and services.

When competitions are increase other houses non merely supply the same merchandise and service but they besides at the same topographic point. I have observed most of the banking Branch side by side in different metropolis of Pakistan due to this there are tonss of opportunity to turn of client to other bank subdivision if you are non fulfilling client at his desire.These are the followerss Bankss that provided same merchandise and service that provided by Askari Bank Limited.MCB ( Muslim commercial Bank Limited ).

Remarks on the organisational construction

Askari Bank limited organisation construction are good manage and structured and under the supervising of top direction and lower degree direction flux the regulations and constabularies that made by top direction. Askari bank are traveling to centralise it all web now at clip it ‘s some determination are taken by lower degree direction. All sections are design in such a manner that achieves end and nonsubjective with in clip frame.

Askari bank construction is design to accomplish end and aim of bank and the organisation good bettering and heightening their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities with the base on balls of clip and increase the employee coordination and occupation satisfaction.

My Internship Activity Plan

Initiation of Gujar khan Branch

As the demand to finish the grade of BS ( Business Administration ) to make internship in organized organisation for this I completed my internship in Askari bank limited Branch ( 0108 ) Gujar Khan. Askari Bank Gujar Khan Branch stared its working 27 December 2006 and easy achieves its mark that given by top direction and acquire really good repute in Gujar Khan Local market due its good client relationship and good behaviours with walking and lasting client. I have really good see to be a portion of Askari Bank limited For Six Week internship Program.

All staff member good and adequate experience in their ain filed of banking how to cover with clients and crate long lasting relationship with for achieve the organisational mark that set by top direction. Bank Staff member start working with the recite of Holy Quran.


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