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Irresponsible Parents Should Be Punished

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    BY Drew omd Irresponsible Parents Should Be Punished There is nothing as beautiful as the sounds of the wedding bells, the flowers, the beautiful bride and the handsome groom in a ceremony that unites them before witnesses as they become a husband and wife and eventually parents. These are normally two adults who have made a decision to get married and eventually have children. Having children is a major responsibility and so is to taking care of them until they are eighteen. These parents have a God given responsibility to nurture, raise and train their children in the best possible way they can, to be good citizens.

    I do strongly believe that those parents who willfully avoid their parental responsibility should be punished. The most important relationship for all beings is that with parents. Through this relationship a child receives love support and learns very important values, ethics morals and methods of handling relationships. Many parents do not realize that most of the problems in our society stem mostly from what we learn when we were young and also what our children are learning from us in their developmental years.

    Some parents do not realize that their inability to commit to good parenting techniques causes serious detriment to the lives and well being of their children. There are parents who stick to their vows that they will remain faithful to their spouse in health and sickness till death does part them. There are also parents who are single by choice or through divorce or neglect of their spouse. There are also those parents who have their children and do not want anything to do with them.

    Irresponsible parents do practice multiple forms of neglect, including abandonment, physical and emotional abuse to their children According to the ” National Fatherhood Website” the United States censorship bureau, 24 million children, one out of three live in a biological father –absent household. The majority of these fathers do run away from their family for various reasons. Some were cheating on their spouses, others were jailed and others fell out of love with their spouses and with their children.

    They just decided to go on with their lives as if their children never existed. The same thing applies to mothers. They do abandon their children with their fathers and never look back. Such parents who fail to acknowledge the existence of their children should be held responsible for neglecting them. Parental responsibility refers to the rights and privileges which underpin the relationship between a child and either of the parents or those adults who have a significant role in the child’s life. It is normally said that the children are the future leaders our nation.

    If these future leaders are not brought in the right way, then I wonder how they would handle the future if their past is a shaky ground. Children deserve special treatment because they are developmentally different from adults. They need to be supplied with all necessary tools to make them build their lives in a right way. In other words they deserve to be provided with adequate support for upbringing and nourishment. The impact of parental irresponsibility in bringing their children as a couple is great on the kids.

    Studies show that, Majority of the children who grew up in homes with both parents, normally end up being good and responsible parents when they grow up. The children need to learn from both parents. The daughter needs to see how her dad treats her mother and so is the son. They need to see how a woman and a man treat each other so that when they grow up they will be able to replicate. I saw my dad treat my mother as the best thing that ever happened to him. They have been married now for seventy years and still behave as if they are newlyweds.

    That’s all I needed to see so that I can treat my wife the same way. I do not have to read a book about how to behave when married because I saw how my parents behaved and handled family problems. That is one example that children brought up with irresponsible parents miss. Fathers give their daughter emotional confidence they will need when they grow up. They are the first men that their daughters ‘fall in love with ‘. Children who do not have their needs met often grow up with low self esteem, emotional dependency, helplessness and other related issues.

    The fathers also play an important role in a child’s growth because by his masculinity nature, will be better to give his children the sense of braveness and teach them how to defend against anyone who might hurt them. Someone will argue that irresponsible parents are adults and can chose to do whatever they want to do. They are very correct but, at the same time there are laws to be followed and if these adults are not taking responsibility for the child they bring forth in this world, then they have to be punished.

    The question rises as why do parents chose not to be responsible for taking care of their families? Or a more important question is what makes parents separate and thus leading to not taking care of their responsibilities of their families? Some people believe that a single parent can handle the responsibilities of rising up a child by him or herself. They argue that if the couple keeps fighting each other, then the environment is not good for the child to grow. Or if the spouse is abusive, then they can separate or divorce.

    This school of thought also argues that in a single parent environment there will be a more peaceful atmosphere for the children, there will be some kind of child support from the other spouse to help in the upbringing of the child. This kind of thought is good but when it comes to the time when a parent is not being responsible for taking his kids to doctor’s appointments, making sure that his kids are well nourished ,clothed well and going to school then some kind of punishment has to be a applied .

    Laws binding parents to cater for their children should be strictly enforced in order to make parents more responsible. Those parents who think that they can reproduce and let the state take care of the children should be jailed, or agree to go through counseling or both. Because their laxity in some laws some adults continue to make babies without provision for their welfare. A website should be set aside for the hall of shame for irresponsible parents. Such a website should include their mug shots and the description of their irresponsibility’s as a parent.

    I do also advocate for a system that can reward parents who are very responsible for their family. For instance the government should give them a tax break for being a good and responsible parent. I do totally believe that if a child is supposed to be in school, it’s is the parents responsibility to ensure that it is done. Some parents just let their kids loiter on the streets and even some to peddle drugs. If these kids are run over by the car, then the driver is strictly accountable for that. The irresponsible parents are let scot free.

    Something has to be done to deal with this kind of tragedy. Can you imagine what kind of world we will have if it’s inhabited by the people who were neglected by the parents when they were young? What about those wedding bell , the beautiful dress that were worn, the food and drinks that were served, the joy of a couple wedding. What kind of world would it be if that was transferred to the children that result from it? I believe that parents who are irresponsible and willfully neglect their parental responsibilities should be punished.

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