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Irresponsible Actions

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Making a good decision is very important and could reflect on later actions in life. The historical fiction novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Mildred D. Taylor describes the actions of two teenage boys who do not choose the right path in their lives. Growing up in Mississippi in the 1930’s, Stacey and TJ are faced with racism during the Depression. Protective and mature, Stacey Logan values his family while they struggle to keep their own land. Unlike Stacey, TJ values popularity and the thoughts of others toward him, therefore, the decisions he makes lead him down the wrong path in his life.

Both Stacey and TJ are treated differently because they are African-American; yet, while Stacey is trying to help his family out, TJ does not have any family support to keep him out of trouble or to correct any of his mistakes.
When Stacey is troubled by bad decisions, he is guided to make better choices by his family.

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Irresponsible Actions
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As the Logan children start to dig holes, Stacey says, “’ Cassie, you start over there on that side of the road right across from me. That’s right, don’t get too near the edge . . . it’s gotta look like it’s been washed out”’ . Trying to get back and the Jefferson Davis bus, Stacey has created a plan to destroy their bus. After the bus was destroyed, Stacey then felt guilty about his actions. Mama and Stacey are talking, then she asks him about his new coat, and Stacey replies,”’ The coat was too big for me and . . . TJ said it made me look like a preacher . . .”’ . Stacey shows that he is letting TJ manipulate him and will listen to anything TJ has to say. Not standing up to himself, Stacey shows he is not true to his own beliefs or actions. Mama does not like that TJ’s actions are turning into Stacey’s actions and could end up leading him down the same road as TJ. Later, Stacey realizes the trouble TJ has gotten himself into, and Stacey exclaims to.

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