Is Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia Murder?

I would like you to step back from your collected thoughts and think about Assisted Suicide. Assisted Suicide is a very delicate and controversial subject around the world and has been for many years. Euthanasia is also a term commonly used for or with assisted suicide. Both of these terms defined mean the purposeful act of death by a terminally ill person going through pain and suffering, with the assistance of a doctor, family member, or any other willing individual.

By reading The Merrian-Webster Dictionary and Thesaraus, I have found out that assisted suicide and euthanasia definition and information, have strayed from the original background. Upon reading about this subject, I would not have thought that it all originated from Greece. In fact the “Greeks are who considered assisted suicide and euthanasia first as just simply one mode of dying”. It wouldn’t be acceptable in most countries to use the excuse as “just another mode of dying” in today’s societies in most countries. It would probably be looked at as not being in your right mind to be able to just kill someone.

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Today, according to Answers. com/WikiAnswers, assisted suicide or euthanasia is legal in Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Luxemburg, Albania, Holland, Switzerland, Tialand, and Oregon in the United States. Page 2 According to a group of people from http://euthanasia. procon. org/viewsource. asp? resourceID=000130 ,5th Century B. C. -1st Century B. C. which is before Christ and Christianity, in Rome and Greece, they didn’t take the value of human life seriously like we do in today’s cultures and societies.

Back then, abortions and assisted suicides were considered on the same level and basically done without having all of the legal steps and illegal worries involved that we encounter today. In fact, back then “there was a widespread support for voluntary death as opposed to prolonged agony and physicians complied by often giving their patients the poisons they requested. ” As I researched further, in the middle ages and 1st century A. D. , voluntary suicide had by this time become a less common act, and it was the start of being looked down upon.

In the 1800’s, “The earliest American statute explicitly to outlaw assisted suicide is enacted in New York. It is the act of December 10th, 1828, Ch. 4, 1828 N. Y. Laws 19. ” So it is starting to seem that people are realizing that it is morally wrong to assist in people’s death. As I moved to the early 1900’s, I learned more and came across records from a Dr. Haiselden who was the Chicago’s German-American Hospital chief of staff in 1915. He was noted about because he had delivered a baby that was deformed and not doing good, and instead of trying surgery, he “let nature complete its bungled job”, with consent from the parents.

A day later the baby died. This one action spread from coast to coast and became a remembered point in time. Over the next several years there were many different bills and requests to legalize assisted suicide, but they were turned down. In 1973, Wikipedia Encyclopedia informs that there was a bill Page 3 passed called the “Patient’s Bill of Rights”. This in part states that the patient has the right to accept and refuse treatment. As the controversy continued, in 1977, the law of The Right to Die was signed in Arkansas, California, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas.

The upside to the patient’s bill By the 1990’s, a doctor named Jack Kevorkian, MD, was brought forward and into the public’s eye because he was and still believes in assisting people with suicide. Dr. Kevorkian made national headlines with his ideas on how it should be alright to help people die. In 1998, Dr. Kevorkian went on the show “60 Minutes” as he shows a videotape of him injecting willfully, a lethal drug into a man named Thomas Yourk who was suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Because of the act of assisting someone in killing themselves, he was tried for the possible murder of this gentleman.

In 1999, according to an article from the New York Times called “Dr. Kevorkian, assisted suicide advocate”, was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison for this murder. It wasn’t until 2007 that Dr. Jack Kevorkian was paroled and released from federal prison after only serving 8 years of his sentence and is living somewhere in Michigan today. He is no longer allowed to practice medicine. Today in 2009, there is a new person being called “Dr. Death”. His name is Dr. Philip Nitschke. On the night of September 29th, 2009, there was a special interview on Nightline about his similar issues as Dr.

Jack Kevorkian and his talks and video that explains the exact techniques for a person to be able to commit suicide peacefully, according to Nick Watt from abc News nightline. The information that Dr. Nitschke has made available was and is not directed only towards terminally ill people, but anyone Page 4 who “wants to kill themselves one day”. According to Dr. Nitschke, he is not encouraging people to take their own life. But if you were to read the actual transcripts from this interview or watch his interview on nightline’s website, or youtube. om, you might find, like me, that he contradicts himself with that statement several times. Dr. Nitschke thinks it is alright to sell a drug that has instructions on it to help kill ones self. He also talked about a video that you could, at one time before it was banned, view with the exact details and showing of how to kill yourself gracefully with a plastic bag by suffication. Later in this interview, Dr. Nitschke was asked if he was religious or not. He responded “no” and that dispite of the judgement from the biblical aspect, he just knows that he is doing the right thing.

This sent my research into exploring whether or not assisted suicide or euthanasia is considered murder, and whether this is religiously right or not in the eyes of God. This is important because if you are religiously set forth in believing in God, then assisting someone in killing themselves is a major issue and should be looked at as murder. My belief tends to lean more towards that any involvement in any shape or form of killing someone for what ever reason, whether it is consensual or not, is in fact murder. It also states this in the Ten Commandments that “Thou shall not kill”, according to gnmagazine. rg/commandments/. This statement is originally from the Holy Bible and is one of the laws that make human life precious and so valuable. Another interesting way to look at natural death opposed to assisted suicide is maybe this is how God intended on controlling the population of the human race. I say intended because of the over population problem that there is around the world today compared to the olden days of say 100 years ago. This last statement wasn’t as important Page 5 to the subject of assisted suicide, but it goes along with the thinking that it is alright to end, or help end someone’s life.

Another popular question is “Who’s life is it? ” “A plea by the late Sue Rodrigues, a high-profile, terminally ill resident of British Columbia, Canada” also asked this question. This lady is one that chose to be assisted in ending her life after her longtime pain and suffering from ALS, according to information from the book, Euthanasia & Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS). Information in an article, “The World’s Most Advanced Research and Laboratory Dedicated to ALS”, ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. When this is translated into a name that almost everyone has heard more commonly is Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Information retrieved from ALS Therapy Development Institute tells about how the disease tells that it affects a person’s muscle function and over time, common symptoms include pain and muscle spasms throughout the muscles, stiffening and loss of control in the muscle movements in the hands, arms, and the legs. There is also weakening, tiredness, and difficulty with speaking and usage of the swallowing muscles. ALS is only one of the many diseases that cause major discomfort in day to day living. ALS is also a natural disease that you can not just bring upon yourself.

Pain and suffering alone could be the major reasons why someone would ever wish to commit this act because of how unbearable it makes living. Along with all of the religious beliefs and people that have participated with assisted suicide, there are the facts about assisted suicide that are going to happen whether there are laws to prevent it or not. I found it very interesting in the summary of the book “Assisted Suicide: Theory and practice in elective death”, that assisted suicide Page 6 is starting to take on the same force as abortion, as mentioned earlier in my paper.

Assisted suicide is becoming more and more acceptable, and besides the fact that there are laws out there that state that you can not do this, people around the United States and the entire world are still going to do this if they believe that it will help someone that are incredibly uncomfortable with life due to a terminal illness. I have read through a lot of articles about people’s view and what they think about assisted suicide. Therefore I have read a lot of good reasons why someone would come to the conclusion as well.

Some of those reasons are the same as from the information I have provided above. People stating that they are in tremendous untreatable pain and suffering and they just don’t want to live with it anymore. But then there are the people that would say that it is their life and they should be able to decide what they want to do with their own life. I also talked to about 10 different people at a couple of assisted living facilities and they wanted to remain anonymous. I asked them all the same question. What they think of assisted suicide.

All but 1 of those 10 people all gave me the same answer but in different words being that they think it is murder to help someone die. I also asked if they were religious in their beliefs, and they responded yes. I didn’t asked them of what religion, but I asked them if it was because of their religious background as to why they felt this way about assisted suicide. All 9 of them responded yes. The one gentleman that I asked about assisted suicide said that he thinks he should be able to die when ever he wants to because he is the one living his life.

He said that he is for assisted suicide. I then asked him if he is religious, and he responded no. Page 7 In conclusion to all of my research so far, I am more for assisted suicide being illegal everywhere. I do think that religion and peoples beliefs have a lot to do with people’s decision as to whether they are for or against assisted suicide. I found through my research that it is right about 50/50 on people’s beliefs on whether they are for or against this subject. I also think that it is a subject that is always going to be an unsettled topic for discussion and debate.

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