Internet Is Helpful to Education More Than Harmful

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The Internet has penetrated every field of society and it has become an indispensable channel. It has dramatically changed everyone’s life,especially the ways how we receive educations. With the internet, students are able to take advantages of the huge amount of educational resources online to get educated whenever they want to and wherever they are. It has brought with so many conveniences for students to learn through the Internet by eliminating many restrictions for obtaining the opportunities of education. However, every coin has its two sides, As it penetrates more, with a large amount of information that can be obtained from the internet, plagiarism and academic dishonesty is also controversial to online education. Some people use the internet to cheat and other people make profits by taking tests for others or doing homework for them.

A survey done by Kori Morgan proved that the internet can be a compelling tool for helping students learning. It can improve the study effective between education and students. It improves and updates the study method to become easy for students to learn. The internet can provide a lot of free resources for education.(Kori, paragraph2) In contrast, misuses of the internet will lead to academic dishonesty. Some people take advantages of the resourceful academic information to cheat in their tests and even pay to someone to complete their homework by Emily Heneghan proved. (Emily, Paragraph2)

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The Internet is a fast place to obtain free global study resources. With the development of the Internet, more and more people have been establishing a huge information database. Everyone can use online education to easily obtain information that they need by simply clicking buttons and typing keywords in the searching engine. And also it may save with a lot of money for tuition. For example, some students take some math classes. If they are international students, they don’t have very good in English. Sometimes, they don’t understand what the math professor said about some problems and solutions. After class, They can search for the solution and so many processes of this problem online with their own language. They don’t need to spend too much time on them. The Internet can search for any question and solutions if they want. Students can extend out interests and enlarge them views of the world by so many types of information delivery through the internet to obtain free study resources. Therefore, the internet is very advantaged in education.

On the contrary, the convenience of the Internet has greatly increased the chances of students cheating. With the development of science and technology, people pay more and more attention to education and some courses only have online classes without classrooms. Therefore, more and more teachers’ homework needs to be completed online. However, the internet makes students’ grade go down because the Internet has become the best way for students to cheat. For instance, for online classes, students have to use the Internet to complete their homework, they write essays or math homework, etc. When they come across a problem they can’t solve, they always look for the answer through Google in the first place. They will copy and paste other people’s work achievement in their own work. More importantly, some students don’t ignore what topic is or should be how to solve it, they will just copy the topic of this problem and then Google it. When they find out, they will just copy the efforts of others and not think about the problem-solving process.

Despite of the negative effects of internet misuses in education that it cause academic dishonesty and unfairness to other people, online education will become more and more improved with time flies. To prevent cheating, plagiarism check tool such as turnitin has been created to deal with that. Lockdown Browsers has also been used to keep students from searching for answers while taking exams. As more and more people has been benefiting from the fruits of online education, it will become the trend and eventually change the way we used to define education with physical books and traditional notebooks. It is a evolution in the traditional mindset of studying. Therefore, the internet is helpful to education more than harmful.

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