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Is It Okay for Children to Compete in Beauty Pageants?



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    Do you think it is okay for children to compete in beauty pageants? Do you want your child to be like Honey Boo Boo? Yes? No? Then understand my three opposing resons for the participation of young children in beauty pageants. Reason number one, some parents don’t prepare their kids for pageants well enough,so little girls don’t really know what to expect when they lose. Reason number two, Child pageants are also time consuming, and may take up time for a kid to play and whatnot.

    Last reason, number three, pageants can be really expensive, with the cost of the supplies and accessories “needed”. Going back to my first reason or, argument. Parents may not be so qualified to coach their children to understand what it is like If they don’t win, they might take it personally and get hurt feelings. The child could end up feeling unattractive or “defective” in some way, because to a child, how exaactly are they supposed to know it doesn’t mean anything, and that they don’t win an actual title.

    Pageant parents can possibly be pushy, and after pushing their child without bringing up a winner, that child could feel as if they’d ‘let down” their parents. My second argument was that child beauty pageants are very time consuming. To be competitive in the larger pageants, “contestants” have to spend hours practicing their smile, their walk, their turns and etc; Not only do kids spend time rehearsing their act, but because of all the time they use, they also lose that time of having a normal childhood. his can effect the child probably more than te thought of them losing, because with them not having that childhood, they could possibly feel deprived of being a so called “normal kid” and that can affect the persona they have in the future. My third and final argument, expence.

    Pageants are very expencive. the entrance fee is only the begining. Whether you’re buying a specially made dress, or making one yourself, the amount of money you spend is what you notice by the end of ONE pageant. It is not just clothing that is costly. t is the items bought to enhance the look of a child; fake teeth, fake tan, fake hair, etc. why enter a beautiful child in a pageant when they come out looking fake and after it’s over, they get used to the make up and the adittude of a usual pageant contender. Children who enter beauty pageants, offten get hurt, emotionally, they often spend so much time not having a normal childhood, and their needed supplies often cost incredible amounts of money. Now I ask again, Do you think it is okay for young children to compete in beauty pageants?

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