“Is Music a Good Tool for Health?” by Elizabeth Scott

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In her article Is music a good tool for health?, Elizabeth Scott discusses how research has shown that music can have positive effects on both the body and mind. Music therapy is now being used in healthcare facilities to help patients with various medical problems such as depression, stress, and anxiety. The beats of music can control people’s emotions, with a strong beat keeping them alert and a slow one calming them down. Music therapy can prevent and relieve stress and anxiety disorders, and has been successful in improving the quality of life for patients with cancer, children with attention problems, and those suffering from depression and anxiety. The author shares a personal experience of how listening to music helped her overcome depression after becoming a mother. She also highlights the story of a football coach named Radio who was autistic but learned to speak by carrying a radio with him everywhere he went. The author concludes by emphasizing the healing power of music and its importance in healthcare.

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In the text “Is music a good tool for health?” by Elizabeth Scott, the author explains how research has demonstrated the positive effects of music on bodies and minds. Nowadays there are many new programs in health care facilities that use music therapy, which uses music in form of therapy to heal people. The use of this method has been successful that even hospitals have started to use music therapy on some of their patients, who develop problems with depression, muscle tension, stress and to motivate them.

Researchers have found that music beats send stimulating waves to the brain and by increasing and decreasing the beats they can control people’s emotions. A strong beat will keep you alert and a slow one will calm you down. Because music can control your heart rate, your body automatically experiences relief, and that’s why music and music therapy prevent and relieve stress and anxiety disorders.

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The Author stresses the benefits and the importance of music and music therapy in the health care field, also the many ways patients with medical problems such as cancer, children with attention problems, depression and anxiety, have improved their quality of live, by receiving this type of therapy. I agree with the author about the benefits and good effects of music on people. I remember when I had my first child; I was only 19 years old, with no experience at all about how to take care of a baby. At that age all you think about is parties, clothes and have fun with fiends, but I needed to stop all this fun things to become a mother.

I started to get depress, because I could not do what I used to, because I needed to provide for my baby. One day a friend gave me a little radio and told me “whenever sad and bored, just turn the radio on, and listen to music, that will help”. Since that day, I started to listen to the radio whenever I was depressed, and automatically my state of mind changed to a positive way, which proves what the author said, that music has positive effects on people’s minds and bodies. I also saw a movie called “Radio”.

It was about an autobiography of a football coach named “Radio” who was autistic, and thanks to a radio, which he used to carry everywhere he used to go, he learned how to speak and became a famous football coach. This is another example of the power of healing of music, like the author state in the text, music have being used to treat children with attention problems, which was the same problem that Radio have, but with the difference that he overcome his problem by himself and his small radio. As we can see, music has a great healing power and everyone should listen to it.

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