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Feasibility Study on Putting Up the Spasso Resort Club

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PISCO Private School Abu Dhabi, U. A. E S. Y. 2008 – 2009 Feasibility Study on Putting Up “The Spasso Resort Club” Spasso Resort Club would be located near Ladies Beach, which can provide people the Best place to have their quality time with their loved ones. In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements in Economics Presented By: Kryzia S. Rilloraza Christine Joy C. Javier Presented To: Mr. Arnel Masangcay Economics Teacher April 2009 Acknowledgements We want to thank all the people who helped us in accomplishing this feasibility study.

Thank you for all your support and for all your advices which helped us understand these topics.

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Feasibility Study on Putting Up the Spasso Resort Club
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This Feasibility Study is dedicated to our Parents for loving and supporting us in all our endeavours. We would also like to dedicate this to Mr. Arnel Masangcay for instilling in us the knowledge and skills we need as we walk through the path of life. We also dedicate this to our friends, for partially helping us out on finishing this book and to PISCO Private School for providing us the venue for learning and developing our skills.

Most of all, we would like to dedicate this Feasibility Study to our God Almighty for the blessings and miracles we xperience in our everyday lives. We draw strength, courage, and wisdom from all of you for the rest of our life… Introduction A Project Feasibility Study is the thorough and systematic analysis of all the factors that affect the possibility of success of the proposed venture in. Data facts and other findings presented in the study become the basis in deciding whether or not the operation can be sustained. It is all a type of business research that determines the achievability of the product or service. Conducting a Feasibility Study has a lot of advantages.

One of these is that an entrepreneur would be able to weigh the pros and cons of the project he or she would like to venture. It would also offer alternatives on what to adopt. A feasibility study could also guide the entrepreneur in identifying the problems to be solved and a study like this would certainly help the would-be entrepreneur to obtain accurate information about the business. A feasibility study also provides the entrepreneur a chance to meet the need of the clientele/customers. Most importantly, a study could also help on analyzing other business opportunities. TABLE OF CONTENTS

I. BUSINESS PLAN INTRODUCTION…………………………………… 5 A. Background of the Study…………………… ……………………. 6 B. Main Goals and Objectives…………………………………. ……. 9 C. Methodology………………………………………………………… 10 D. Services……………………………………………………………….. 11 II. MARKET STUDY…………………………………………… ………………. 17 A. Market Environment…………………………………………….. 18 B. Marketing Process and Program………………… ………….. 20 III. FINANCIAL STUDY……………………………………………………….. 22 A. Financial Assumptions………………………………………….. 23 B. Total Cost of the Project………………………………………… 25 C. Sources of Capital or Financing……………………………… 25

IV. ORGANIZATION STUDY………………………………………………… 26 A. Form of Ownership………………………………………………. 27 B. Personnel…………………………………………………………………. 28 C. Curriculum Vitae………………………………………………….. 29 V. GALLERY……………………………………………………………………… 31 VI. BIBLIOGRAPHY………………………………………………. ……………. 34 Business Plan Introduction This introduction is all about the brief description about our business, products, services and our objectives. A. Background of the Study [Project Rationale] Our Company Business seeks to provide people some good quality time venue with its friendly and clean atmosphere.

We feel that its always a great time to go and have fun in a resort wherein a private beach is present. That’s why we’ve come up with a great idea to choose to set up and plan on putting up a Mini Club Resort called “Spasso Resort Club”. For such reason, first, a peak season for a resort. Many people seeks pleasure and because of that reason, we decided to plan out a resort which gives satisfaction to the customers’ desires and needs in which the products and services are provided. Second, a result in increase of income.

And third, a venue that can hold such occasions such as Parties, Weddings, Reunions and Other Indoor and Outdoor Activities. The incentive of what the customer benefited from our products and services would be most highly granted and we would always ensure that it would please them. We would provide them our best services by entertaining them with our multi-activities held such as snorkelling, swimming in pool or beach, lounge area, and etc. We would also ensure that we can be able to satisfy their wants and needs wherein they would always feel at ease with our services that we would render to them.

The only reason that keeps in our minds is to make every hunger of satisfaction worth it to the customers. We decided on those kinds of services because we feel that we should be quenching the thirst of wants and needs of the customer. We would also identify all the problems that bothers them and we shall make sure that the solution is available at our resort through observations and approaching the customer to know anything that interests them. As we find out the answers to their problem or desire, we would certainly manage to maintain and promote the products and services needed by the customers.

We based our decision of products and services through wants and needs of the customers. Spasso Resort club is a place used for relaxation or recreation, attracting visitors for holidays or vacations. Its location is placed near Ladies Beach because of a breath taking air which is kind of far from crowded places. It is a self-contained resort attempts to provide for most of a vacationer’s wants while remaining on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. We would certainly give our best to serve you because every members or guests deserve it.

Our employees will ensure you that they have the friendly side that will make you feel with special treatment. We have great new facilities with high quality as well. A great place to meet new people… friendly staff help keep things in order to prevent unwanted harassment – something that happens frequently elsewhere. Updates are constantly being made to keep The Resort state of the art – all in all, a true winner. The Resort would be the gateway to literally dozens of new friendships and it would be a great way for lots of people to connect with new friends with whom they would have a lot in common.

B. Our Main Goals and Objectives Our first objective is to ensure that we could be able to provide the customer’s satisfaction by providing friendly employees to be able to serve them better. It is also our goal to prove financial strategies relevant in today’s economy. We should also make sure that our “Key Strategy” is presently focused on financing. Our “Key People Objective” is centred on the financial reality in the resort business (especially those with leisure real estate). Our Key Major Goal in the short run is to address funding and maximize cash flow.

Most of all, our main goal is to be successful at this project so that we could give a better service to all the members and guests. C. Methodology We would be using a lot of styles to attract more customers to our resort. First of all, we would maintain all the staffs to be friendly to every people who comes by. We would also show our good qualities of products and great new facilities that we serve to you and we would give our best to serve you. We would also sacrifice most of our time to learn every detail which relates to our job so that when we work, we can apply it to you, knowing all the techniques, and so we can do our job well done.

D. Services Our Services would mostly include Accommodations, Recreations, Dining, and Meetings & Banquets. In our Accommodations List, anyone can rent rooms and small cottages or townhomes based on their wants. They can either choose on the following types of accommodations: Standard Rooms Your standard room features two comfortable double sized beds perfect for a small family or two people sharing a room. Deluxe Rooms Your deluxe room features two comfortable and spacious queen-sized beds ideal for a small family, two couples or two people sharing a room. Junior Suites

Looking for additional conveniences and comforts of home? Junior Suites offer rooms with either two Queen beds or one King bed with two twin sized pull-out sofas, breakfast table with two chairs, two burner stove and full size dishwasher. The perfect room when you want to stay a little longer! Suites Suites offer a view of Tampa Bay and the Sunshine Skyway and include separate living rooms and bedrooms. Bedrooms feature King beds,19” color cable televisions, private oversized bathroom facilities with granite countertops, twin sinks, private vanity area and extra large whirlpool tub.

The living area includes a queen size pull out sofa/sleeper with coffee table and two comfortable chairs, coffee maker, microwave, mini refrigerator, 19” color cable television, breakfast table with four chairs, two burner stove, sink and full size dishwasher. The perfect hotel room that feels like home – you’ll never want to leave! 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhomes If you are looking for a larger accommodation with separate living spaces, there are several townhome choices available for our guests.

Our fully furnished two and three bedroom townhomes are three stories tall and offer all of the comforts of home with marina or bay views. The master suite features a King size bed and the additional bedroom(s) have either a single queen bed and/or two twin beds. Two private bathrooms include available granite countertops. Additional amenities include two 19” color televisions, a living area, dining area and full size kitchen with a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, stackable washer and dryer. It also includes recreation in the Services List.

Here are tons of examples of recreational activities inside the resort: No matter how you choose to spend your time, we have an option for you at The Resort & Club at Spasso Resort Club. Relax and enjoy our half mile stretch of secluded, white sandy beach. Take a dip in one of three heated pools and two Jacuzzis. Feeling competitive? Shoot hoops, play beach volleyball or play tennis on one of our three tennis courts. The entire family will enjoy themselves on our 250 foot fishing pier, children’s playground, shuffleboard court, horseshoe field, or in one of our two fitness centers.

Boaters arrive in paradise with deep-water access, 201 wet-slips, 220 high and dry slips, on-site fuel dock, bait and tackle store, fully stocked ship’s store, and boat trailer parking with near-by boat ramp and flats and deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and calm waters for skiing, wakeboarding and tubing. Looking for water access, but didn’t bring your own boat? Then rent one of our waverunners, kayaks, Hobie-Cat sailboats, windsurfers or paddleboats. Pools & Jacuzzi The Resort & Club at Spasso Resort Club offers three heated pools and two Jacuzzis.

The Marina side pool and Jacuzzi are located on the east side of the resort with expansive views of the resort marina, harbor and nature preserve. The third heated pool and Jacuzzi are located on the Amenity Level of the Harborside Resort Condominium and afford our guests spectacular views of the whole resort. All locations offer a generous amount of lounge chairs and shaded tables with umbrellas. Complimentary pool towels available at all locations. Massage Therapy What could be better than a 30 or 60 minute massage with a licensed Massage Therapist?

We offer you a choice of location — bayfront, in our specially appointed, private gazebo or in our massage treatment room. You may also choose from a Relaxation, Deep Tissue, or Therapeutic massage, or a Reflexology treatment, while enjoying the gentle breezes of Corniche Beach and our beautiful, tropical island surroundings! Marina & Boating Large or small, sail or power, fishing or pleasure —life on the water at The Resort &Club at Spasso Resort Club is a boater’s paradise. You’ll find deep-water access, 201 wet slips, 220 high and dry bays, on-site fuel dock, bait and tackle store, fully stocked ship’s store, and boat trailer parking.

Calm waters for skiing, wake boarding, tubing and some of the finest flats fishing is just moments from our marinas. Deep sea fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving are all readily accessible. Wet slips are available to resort guests during their stay. Tennis Come swing on our three cold-lay tennis courts and take advantage of the complimentary ball machine. Don’t worry if you forgot your racquet, as equipment and tennis balls are available to our guests at the Inn Front Desk, all free of charge. On-call tennis pros are available for tennis lessons.

Please call the Front Desk to inquire about tennis lessons. Our courts are perfect for day play or lit for night play, with a large gallery seating area for the spectators at your big match. Tennis courts are also complimentary for resort guests! Fitness Center Spasso Resort Club offers our guests two fitness centers. One is located adjacent to the tennis courts just across from the Inn Front Desk and the second is located on the Amenity Level of the Spasso Resort Condominium. Both are complete with the finest in aerobic and low-impact exercise equipment.

Treadmills, bicycles, elliptical machines, and free weights complete the array of work-out equipment you can use to stay in shape, all while enjoying views of Corniche Beach & of course, use of the fitness centers is complimentary to resort guests. Secluded Beach Relax and enjoy our half-mile stretch of secluded, white sandy beach while the calm waters of Corniche Beach wash ashore. Enjoy umbrellas, chaise lounges, two sand volleyball courts and the glorious sunset view available only on the South Shore of Corniche Beach at Spasso Resort Club. Umbrellas, chaise lounge chairs and towels are complimentary for resort guests.

Watercraft Rentals Didn’t bring your own watercraft? Then rent one of ours. We offer an entire fleet of waverunners, kayaks, Hobie-cat sailboats, windsurfers and paddleboats. Boatworks at Spasso Resort Club also offers our guests a terrific (and educational) Eco Jet Ski Tour. Just click on the rental pricing link for more information. This is your chance to explore the Corniche Beach area! Snorkeling & SCUBA Diving Swim under the sea to view some of the finest west coast underwater life just moments away from our dock. Located at the Spasso Resort Club is beautiful shallow water snorkeling, and SCUBA diving.

For the more adventurous, head out just a few miles into the Corniche Beach for natural and artificial reef diving. Recreational Areas: Fishing Pier, Playground, Beach Volleyball Your family and friends will love the waterside fenced-in children’s playground. Get competitive on our beach volleyball and a full size basketball courts. Don’t forget the more leisurely games of horseshoes and shuffle board. Or you can take your little fishermen to our 250 foot fishing pier that provides great access to the sea right on Corniche Beach. Furthermore, Banquets are also available in our resort.

We’ve also managed to put up these kinds of spaces available for parties, banquets, weddings, and etc. to give our customers a place to hold their special occasions with their loved ones without going out of the resort. Here are some of our features of our Banquet Halls: Meetings & Banquets Location is one of the keys to holding a successful meeting, conference or banquet. The Caribbean-Style Island Resort at the Spasso Resort Club provides the ideal location to accommodate small to medium sized meetings, conferences and special event banquets where your enjoyment is our only focus.

Whether a high level conference for twenty, a national sales meeting for 150 or that once in a lifetime wedding for 200, let our professional and detail oriented catering and conference services staff create the perfect event around the perfect location. Banquets Let our professional catering staff design a menu and choose an indoor or outdoor venue that will provide you with the most memorable event ever. Weddings A beachfront wedding is every bride’s dream and at The Spasso Resort Club we make dreams come true. Our professional wedding planner stands ready and willing to coordinate every aspect of your celebration.

All you need to bring is Prince Charming. Themed Events Imagine an invasion of pirates or some energetic beach Olympics to highlight your next meeting or conference. With more than 124 acres of flexible outdoor space and a professional conference and catering services staff to assist you with creating the perfect themed event – the sky is the limit. Your function will be both successful and memorable. Banquet Menus View a selection of some of our current banquet menus or work with our catering and culinary team to design your own. Our Chef stands ready to prepare a selection of menu items to make your event both unique and memorable.

Other than all of those features, we’ve also managed to put up a Wireless Internet Connection all over the resort so that all of our customers could get in touch with their loved ones back home through the use of their mails. By entering The Spasso Resort Club, they would be automatically given the right to use our Wireless Connection to surf the internet anywhere, at anytime for we feel that Internet Connections are considered a necessity worldwide. MARKET STUDY The word “entrepreneur” should be able to describe comprehensively the marketing strategy. This study would also describe how to reach the customers, whether through irect sales or through some other method. A. Market Environment Everyone hasthe right to be treated with respect in our resort that’s why we value our customers. We don’t actually choose customers. As long as they can bring with them their manners to respect themselves and respect other people, they are fully qualified to enter The Spasso Resort Club and have a glimpse of a quiet life away from the city. About their buying capacity, as much as possible we’re giving our best to serve them because they are our reason why we’ve come up with this kind of business project.

They deserve an affordable price so they can come back anytime they want. As they enjoy our products and services, we’re always be willing to make new offers for them. A lot of people may ask “What is so special about our services? ”. Well, we’ve urged to plan that we should make our services with high quality to serve the best to our respectful customers. They deserve every good quality that we serve. We would highlight our quality services through the use of advertisements in the city. We would give handouts, set up billboards, give a warm commercial on the TV channels, etc.

Other than that, they can visit our website and view some of the latest happenings and features of The Spasso Resort Club. Below are some pictures or clippings as an example of our advertisements such as our TV Commercials: We’re planning to put up a mini resort club beside ladies beach which is quite far from the city, so they can have a beautiful view with a breathe taking air. B. Marketing Process and Program Everyone might be wondering where our Brand Name or Business Name came from. The word “Spasso” came from a German word which means “fun”.

We called it fun because you will surely enjoy in our Club Resort with lots of sports activities. Enjoy your moments with your family of friends here in Spasso Resort Club. We ensure that everyone will have fun spending time to each other with lots of activities to do. Once in a while, we would also be willing to have promotions. We would let our buyers know our services offered through the use of our official website that they can visit anytime where they would be able to know all the information about our Club Resort that they want to know which also contains package promotions and other stuffs.

We can also send brochures at the mall in which people can identify our special offers and most importantly, we would certainly advertise through the use of media. Other than our promotions we would also have our own marketing strategies. Price/Selling Effort Strategies; A firm that follows a skimming strategy seeks to be the first to introduce a product with very good performance, selling it to the innovator market segment and charging a premium price for it. It makes as much profit as possible, then moves on when the competition arrives. The price is likely to fall over time as competition is encountered.

Such a skimming strategy contrasts with a penetrating strategy, which seeks to gain market share by sacrificing short-term profits, and increasing the price over time as market share is gained. Competitors have certain strengths and abilities. To succeed, we would leverage our own unique abilities. We would always prepare ourselves for defensive strategies before potential threats arrive. If the competition surprises us with the introduction of a vastly superior product, the firm should resist the temptation to proceed with its mediocre product. We would never introduce a product that is obsolete when it hits the market.

The competition’s probable response to a firm’s actions should be considered carefully. “How much are we going to spend for promotions? ”. If our business would be a great click, then we are willing to spend for about AED 5,000 to AED 10,000. It would certainly depend on the budget and status of our Club Resort. financial STUDY A financial study is important because it will give us an idea whether the business venture will be profitable even in the face of competition and unpleasant conditions or challenges. It also shows the statement and schedules of the profit that are intended to be reached.

A. Financial Assumptions Our basis for pricing would be per head but we would always have a promotion about our entrance fees. People in groups such as seminars, company, and others could pay in special offers. Most importantly, Families would also have promotions. * Regular Guests (Customers) Entrance fee: AED 180 – Adults AED 100 – Children Booking time would start at 8:00 a. m. onwards * Membership Fee: AED 2000 per year All Facilities offered. Our expenses for our materials, utilities, taxes, loan payments, and salaries/wages would be distributed fairly. Chart Comprehension:

Materials _______________20 % Utilities _________________15 % Taxes ___________________10 % Loan Payments __________20 % Salaries/Wages __________35 % Computations for Monthly Cost Materials : AED 40,000. 00 Transportation : AED 2,500. 00 Facilities : AED 80,000. 00 Labour/salaries: minimum wage AED 5,000. 00 Electricity : AED 67,250. 00 Loan payment (if available): AED 25,000. 00 Advertising : AED 15,000. 00 Other Expenses (internet) : AED 5,000. 00 Total cost : AED 239,750. 00 Computations for Yearly Cost Yearly Cost = (Total Cost)(Number of Months) = (AED 239,750. 00)(12 months)

Yearly Cost = AED 2,877,000 B. Total Cost of the Project Based on our Monthly and Yearly Computations, we concluded that our Monthly Cost would be AED 239,750. and our Yearly Cost would be AED 2,877,000. We also state that the most expensive in our Club Resort is the Facilities or Amenities that the people would be taking advantage of when they come to our resort. C. Sources of Capital or Financing The sources of our capital will be from the bank loan and from our own savings. 90% of our capital will be borrowed from the bank and 10% will be from our own savings. organization STUDY

A financial study is important because it will give us an idea whether the business venture will be profitable even in the face of competition and unpleasant conditions or challenges. It also shows the statement and schedules of the profit that are intended to be reached. A. Form of Ownership Our form of ownership in our business would be “Partnership”. Since this is our first business project, we actually decided to be a partnership because it’s hard for us to have it as a Single Proprietorship and so we both think of this idea and we’ve already agreed on it. Christine Joy C.

Javier and Kryzia S. Rilloraza would be the shareholders of the business because they were the ones who had come up with the idea. In terms of capital, each of us would have 50%. Who reports to whom? B. Personnel Organizational Chart C. Curriculum Vitae Name Christine Joy C. Javier Age _____________ Birthday __________________ Address _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Hobbies _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Schools __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Name Kryzia S. Rilloraza Age _____________ Birthday __________________ Address _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Hobbies _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ Schools __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________

Gallery These are examples of clippings or pictures of our Club Resort. 3 bedrooms Enjoy complimentary entertainment at the La Spasso bar Our Fitness CenterHarborside Back Deck Landscaping and Conversation Areas Hold your next event-bayfront at Lush, tropical landscaping throughout The Spasso Resort Club the resort Many accommodations choicesRelax on our 1 2 mile of secluded & Maintained beach Spasso dining at its best award Studio Condominium winning sunset grill Sunsets at La Spasso like nowhere else! The perfect spot for your special day

Bibliography www. wikipedia. org www. images. google. com www. google. com www. yahoo. com www. deviantart. com TRIP ADVISORS Abu Dhabi Hotels Read Abu Dhabi Hotel Reviews and Compare Prices HOTELS AND DISCOUNTS Properties Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Hotels, Motels, & Luxury Resorts at Great Savings Worldwide TRIP ADVISORS Hotels in Abu Dhabi – Reviews and Deals RESORT + RECREATION MAGAZINE The Leading Resource for Resort and Spa Professionals WTS INTERNATIONAL Building Better Lifestyles JUSTICE www. google. com_url_sa=U=2=http___www. uwex. edu_ces_CCED_economies_tourism_Small%2520Resort

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