It Is Better to Be Married Than to Be Single

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The universal question, “Do you hereby take… as your lawfully wedded husband/wife… to have and to hold.. to honour and to cherish… in sickness and in health?” is posed to couples worldwide who opt for a profound and enduring commitment through marriage. These couples comprehend the significance of matrimony and elect to embrace the designations of Mr or Mrs, relinquishing their unmarried status. Nonetheless, there are numerous individuals globally who are unwilling to undertake this marital vow. Consequently, a clear distinction emerges between married individuals and those who remain single, enabling an examination of the advantages and disadvantages associated with both married and single lifestyles.

Marriage is losing significance in contemporary society as more people opt not to marry. This choice enables them to evade the responsibilities and duties associated with being in a partnership or marriage, such as self-care and caring for their partner. This trend is especially evident among individuals aged eighteen to thirty-five. Choosing to remain single allows individuals to fully embrace their independence, freedom, and personal boundaries. Young men who have recently finished their education and possess great potential may decide to prioritize fast career advancement.

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Individuals with determination and a positive mindset strive to overcome obstacles in order to achieve their goals. However, getting married can disrupt their fast-paced lifestyle as it involves adjusting to new responsibilities and potentially starting a family. These changes may be seen as obstacles in pursuing materialistic ambitions like owning luxurious cars, living in upscale condos, and gaining societal recognition. Consequently, marriage is often delayed or deemed unimportant. Presently, many women are adopting the same mindset as men.

Women’s social aspirations have experienced a profound transformation as they have become armed with knowledge and education. They now perceive themselves as equivalent to men in terms of career achievements and are resolute in their determination to excel in the corporate realm, aspiring for materialistic goals and greater societal status. The feminist movements have had a substantial worldwide influence, promoting women’s autonomy, gender parity, and self-sufficiency. Consequently, prioritizing a successful career has surpassed other life aspects like marriage.

The increase in the number of women pursuing careers and achieving promotions at the same pace as men is a testament to people’s freedom of choice. However, not all unmarried individuals remain single solely for personal achievements and freedom. Some simply do not prioritize marriage in their lives. These preferences may have been influenced by family experiences that involved a breakdown in the traditional family structure. The fear of repeating history could discourage individuals from getting married. Consequently, marriage is gradually losing significance in society.

Living together without marriage is no longer seen as a significant problem, as it grants individuals the freedom of being in a relationship. Some argue that they cannot handle the obligations tied to marriage, like giving up personal time and dealing with in-laws. However, even though unmarried individuals enjoy their own space and pursue materialistic objectives, they will eventually face familial pressure. As a result, they find themselves torn between fiercely maintaining their single status and compromising if the pressures become too much.

In Asian countries, being single is often stigmatized, but opinions on marriage vary. Some consider it essential as they believe family is fundamental to society, while others have different viewpoints influenced by traditions, religions, and cultures that highly prioritize marriage and starting a family. In India and China, having children not only indicates one’s family standing but also offers labor assistance. Those who decide to marry are committed to their partners and fully understand the associated responsibilities.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and woman, where they publicly recognize their partner. Many couples choose to marry with the intention of starting a family and having children. These married couples find joy and satisfaction in their children, not considering them as burdens or obstacles. They love their children and have a strong desire to be parents. Despite financial challenges and stress related to saving for their child’s education and well-being, these parents are motivated by witnessing the success of their children in life.

Marriage has several benefits, including improving parents’ time and finances organization. It also brings out the best qualities in individuals, such as patience, sacrifice, consideration, and compromise. As couples spend more time together and gain deeper insights into each other, marriage fosters emotional growth and development that instills greater empathy and altruism. Being married does not mean giving up professional life or materialistic achievements. It is possible to pursue career progress while still being within the boundaries of marriage.

Marriage is viewed positively by many, as it offers both financial and emotional assistance to spouses. It is seen as an ideal union that combines various advantages. Moreover, a woman’s societal status can be enhanced by marrying a wealthy or renowned partner. Furthermore, being married expands a couple’s social circle, leading to more chances for social involvement. Marriage serves multiple functions in society, encompassing religious, cultural, traditional aspects and also aligning with governmental objectives.

The increase in the mass media, campaigns, and advertisements demonstrates the promotion of marriage and procreation. Despite the issue of overpopulation in countries like China, marriage is still encouraged, albeit at a later stage in life. This demonstrates that marriage remains a significant and inherent aspect of numerous countries. Ultimately, marriage is a personal decision influenced by an individual’s beliefs. Opting to stay single or getting married both have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is unfounded to claim that marriage is superior, as being single can also provide equal fulfillment.

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