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It Is Better to Be Married Than to Be Single

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“Do you hereby take… as your lawfully wedded husband/wife… to have and to hold.. to honour and to cherish… in sickness and in health? ” This question is posed to couples throughout the world who have decided to take a solemn and permanent vow of marriage.

These couples are aware of the implications of marriage and have decided to take on a new role as a Mr or Mrs, abandoning their singlehood. However, there are many in the world who are not willing to take this vow of marriage. We therefore see a firm boundary distinguishing the married from the single, where advantages and disadvantages of getting married and being single can be explored.

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It Is Better to Be Married Than to Be Single
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Marriage is no longer a top priority in this day and age. More and more people are choosing to remain single in order to be free from the responsibilities and obligations attached to a relationship or marriage. Such responsibilities include caring for two persons instead of one.

This trend is increasingly seen in the younger generation which ranges from eighteen to thiry five. Being single provides an open door for an individual’s independence, freedom and personal space. Men who are fresh from universities and brimming with potential and promise may prefer to go full force in climbing the corporate ladder at remarkable speed.

Headstrong and optimistic in their ambitions, they try to avoid hindrances in achieving their goals. Getting married may mean slowing down their pace of life, adjusting to a new level of responsibilities and perhaps even considering starting a family. All these may seem like obstacles in attaining materialistic goals such as being able to buy luxurious cars, living in condominiums and carving a niche for oneself in society. Marriage, is therefore either put on hold or insignificant. Many woman are adopting the same beliefs as men nowadays.

Armed with the weapon for knowledge and education, the social aspirations of women in society have taken a drastic change. Seeing themselves as no less than men in terms of career achievements, women strive just as hard up the corporate ladder, hoping to fulfill materialistic goals and higher social status. Feminist movements have taken the world by storm with the advocation of the independence of women, equality of the sexes and self-sufficiency in a woman. Obtaining a successful career has thus taken priority over other aspects of life, such as marriage.

The rise of career women in society and their ability to gain promotions as effectively as men is evidence of the individual’s choice to remain free. However, not all singles remain as singles solely for personal achievement and freedom. Some simply do not have the desire to get married as marriage is not a priority in their lives. Such beliefs could have been moulded in family backgrounds where a breakdown in the family structure has been experienced. The fear of history repeating itself may well be a deterrent for an individual to marry. Marriage has been slowly losing its importance in society.

No longer viewed as a serious matter, some singles decide to cohabit, but not marry, as it provides freedom that exist in a relationship. Many feel that they are unable to fulfill the responsibilities in a marriage such as sacrificing personal time and dealing with in-laws. However, although able to gain personal space and achieve materialistic goals, these singles will inevitably come under pressure imposed by their family. They thus face a struggle between strongly remaining in their singlehood and facing a compromise, should the pressures be too hard to take.

Singles, thus have their fair share of living with a supposed social stigma, especially in Asian countries. However, not everyone feels the same way towards marriage. Some view marriage as a necessity of life, believing that the family is the basic unit of society. This view could have stemmed from traditions, religions and cultures, where getting married and starting a family is an essential in life. This is apparent in countries such as India and China , where children represent the status of a family and are a source of labour. People who choose to be married are committed to each other and fully acknowledge the responsibilities attached.

When a man and woman decide to wed, they choose to be together till death do them part and officially recognize their other half. Most marry with the intent of starting a family and having children. Children are seen as a source of joy and enrichment to the married couple. These married couples do not see children as a burden and hindrance as they originally have love and desire for children. Setting aside large sums of money to finance their child’s education and livelihood may result in financial strains and stress, but to these parents, seeing their children succeed in life is their motivation.

Besides, this helps in perfecting the parents’ time and financial management. Marriage is said to bring out the best in people. Patience, sacrifice, consideration and compromise is nurtured in the course of marriage when a couple spends more time together and learn more about each other. Marriage, thus, is a process of emotional nurturing and maturing. It teaches one to be more understanding and selfless. Being married does not mean cutting off all associations with working life and achievement of materialistic goals. The striving up the corporate ladder can be accomplished within the bounds of marriage.

To some, it may be much better as spouses can encourage each other and support each other financially and emotionally. Marriage is therefore seen by some to be the best of both worlds. Marriage is also a form of gaining social status for women. Being married to someone rich or famous immediately elevates a woman’s status in society. The married couple’s social circle widens as well, providing a greater source of social interaction in their lives. Marriage not just fulfills the religious, cultural or traditional obligations or expectations in society, but also fulfills many governments’ intentions.

The promotion of marriage and procreations can be seen through the proliferation of the mass media, campaigns and advertisements. Although countries such as China are seriously overpopulated, marriage is still promoted, but at a later age. This shows that marriage is still an essential and natural course in many countries. Marriage is ultimately up to the individual and his or her beliefs. There are definitely pros and cons in remaining single or getting married, and it is therefore unjustified to state that marriage is better as being single may be just as fulfilling as well.

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