Family Dynamics of the TV Show “Married with Children”

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Family Dynamics The family dynamics of the TV show “Married with Children” depicts a dysfunctional, but yet understanding between each family member. Their daily interaction with each other would suggest lack of communication that is taken seriously in the family unit. The husband (Al- Bundy) and wife (Peggy Bundy) presented a disconnection between the two of them steaming from the dysfunction in their marriage. Al Bundy attitude towards his wife appeared to be one with lack of an intimate and emotional connection.

Peggy Bundy appeared to have an unconditional love for her husband, but seems to be missing the love that she wants from her husband. Their relationship seemed to be functionally dysfunctional as they move through their everyday lives. Peggy and Al relationship seem to affect their relationship with their children Kelly and Bud, presenting as such of lack of respect for their father. Family Structure The Bundy family consists of a family unit of four, with both biological parents married and living together in the same house. Peggy, a stay at home mom seems only to concern herself with shopping, and beautifying herself.

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Al plays more of a financial patriarch of the family, although he is not respected, the family unit seems to respect the income that he brings in. Al distain with his marriage and life seems to affect their family structure which causes a dysfunctional relationship with his children. Bowen a psychiatrist theory hypothesizes that a husband and wife’s levels of differentiation are one of the key factors that influences their developing nuclear family’s functioning (Bowen, 1978; Kerr& Bowen, 1988; Papero, 1990). Family Values Peggy and Al are middle age caucasian couple who live in a middle-class suburb of Chicago, IL.

Peggy the stay at home mom seems to value her family in times of need, but her main values are the money that her husband brings home. This value of money affect the Bundy’s because there seem to be a lack of respect for Al’s abilities outside of him providing money. There is a lack of respect between the two children which appears to derive from their parents’ interaction with each other, with Peggy not respecting and supporting her husband and Al not respecting Peggy. The Bundy family seems to lack key ingredients to healthy family values, such as respect and honesty.

Bringing in more family values would change their family dynamics especially when dealing with respect. Family Form The Bundy family form is one of a traditional nuclear family. Although the Bundy family appears to be traditional, their family values and communication with each other makes them dysfunctional. The lack of the “traditional” elements that consists of a healthy nuclear family does not take away from the fact that the Bundy family is a nuclear unit; it only displays a dysfunctional nuclear family. Family Ethnic, Religious and Cultural Background

Peggy and Al were not depicted as religious parents nor did it appear that they relied upon religion to help cultivate their children. The culture of the family appeared to be traditional with Al being the bread winner and Peggy an at home mom but there methods are dysfunctional. The way that the mother and father interact with each other seems to have affected the way that their children interact with each other. Family feuds are normal as this particular episode that was aired when Kelly went out of her way to antagonize her little brother Bud, as the case is the same with Peggy and Al.

Peggy is very aware of her husband disdain for the marriage and the life that he lives and she doesn’t miss an opportunity to antagonize her husband. It is important to examine adolescence well-being from the perspective of family dynamics (Rask K, 2003), as such if you examine the Bundy children it would appear that there psychological well-being in respect to the family dynamics are damaged and presents in troublesome communication and interaction between the siblings. Family Function The Bundy family goals are not presented as a family unit but more as individual goals.

For example Peggy wanted a new pair of shoes but there was a problem with the kitchen plumbing, since Peggy’s goals was the shoes, she spent the family money on shoes instead of the plumbing that needed to be fix. The resolutions of conflict seem to be obtained through avoiding the issues at hand. Because Al is the sole provider there is an intense amount of strain on him to take care of his family and his contempt for his family environment only adds to the stress and strain that he feels.

Just as with the shoes Peggy purchased Al condescension only intensified because her decision put the family plumbing problem on hold due to her not being responsible with the family finances. Situations that Peggy and Al put their family through with their lack of communication and healthy interactions, has caused some adverse childhood experiences in their children lives. Adverse childhood experiences have been linked to a range of adverse health outcomes in adulthood, including substance abuse, depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and premature mortality (Control, 2010).

Conclusion Although American families exist within the same culture, they live in very different ways as a result of race, values, social class, and ethnicity (Potter P. A, 2009). This too holds true with talking about the fictional family the Bundy’s. They are a middle class family, but because of their lack of healthy communication and healthy interactions this cause problems in the Bundy’s marriage and problems between their kids creating sibling conflict. After assessing the Bundy family there is many things that could be implemented into this family so that it functions healthy.

The Bundy’s could benefit greatly with the use of some family therapy. A healthy family starts with the parent(s), whether it’s a nuclear, extended, blended, or Alternative family the values must start with the parents. As nurses, we should analyze patients family unit and asks question that would render information pertinent to the patient care because the healing do not stop at discharge but continue in the home life of the patient. Nurse’s interventions should always consider how a patient family can contribute to a successful road to recovery.

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